Rank Group Raises Millions for Charity

The casino market is an incredibly lucrative industry, and it is always great to see gaming executives giving back. Rank Group is putting an inspiring example forward, having recently raised £2 million ($2.6 million USD) for the charity, Carer’s Trust.

Working Together to Make Lives Better

Rank Group has had a partnership with Carer’s Trust since 2014, when the gambling operator started running various fundraising initiatives for the organization. Over the years, Rank Group has participated an organized a number of campaigns to benefit Carer’s Trust, having invested over 8500 hours to raise valuable funds.

The money raised by Rank Group has helped Carer’s Trust in a number of ways. Over 9000 careers have been provided with additional help and support, as the fundraising has allowed for the purchase of essential equipment, more breaks and extra training,

The fundraising efforts of the Rank Group team members and their customers across the country have been phenomenal. Their incredible support has made a vast difference to local unpaid carers.

While Rank Group’s charity campaigns have been varied in the past, the company’s most recent initiative was a harrowing one. Recently, the senior executive team at Rank Group undertook the Bushtucker Trial Challenge, which required them to eat insects and other creepy critters.

About Carer’s Trust

Carer’s Trust is a charity that supports unpaid carers aged 16 and over. Their support is aimed at helping individuals who care for friends and family members who are disabled or frail, as well as those who have addiction and mental health problems.

The organization assists carers across the United Kingdom, providing them with practical help and training, as well as replacement care. One of the most important aspects of Carer’s Trust is that the organization offers carers breaks, which many are in need of when looking after a loved one with an illness.

Carer’s Trust also provides grants to carers, offering them the financial support that they need. There are grants worth up to £300 available that are designed to benefit carers for issues such as breaks, travel costs, home repairs, training and items for the home.

It is truly inspiring to see a gaming operator working hard to benefit such a worthy cause. Rank Group is in good company, as well, as firms like Microgaming and Blueprint Gaming have also launched campaigns to benefit charitable organisations. In the future, it is hoped that more casino and gambling operators will step forward to lend a hand by raising money for charities that help the people that need it the most.


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