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CasinoClassic.com is all about making the casino experience as memorable as physically possible. That’s why we’ve assembled a crack team of experts, pro players, enthusiasts and industry specialists in order to be able to bring you the best information about casinos you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

Our aim is to provide you with a wealth of information about casinos all in one easy to access place. You don’t want to spend hours searching for which sites are best or which games you should be playing when you should be having fun and that’s why we’ve done all the legwork for you.

We review every single online casino in an independent and unbiased way in order to let you know all the important things, such as what kind of bonuses they offer, what payment methods they accept, how big a selection of games they have, how quickly their customer service representatives deal with a query and much more.

At CasinoClassic.com we also check out individual games so that we can tell you which blackjack and poker games are best, which slot machines have the best payouts and which live casino games are the most realistic and reliable. Hours of playing goes into assessing the different casino games and our team’s passion for playing will provide some of the most in-depth reviews you’ll ever come across.

We keep an eye on gambling news and developments too, so if there’s a change in the law or if there are new games or casino websites you’ll read about it on our site first. We’re constantly on the lookout for what’s hot in the world of gambling so we can keep you as informed as possible.

We love casinos and casino games here at CasinoClassic.com and we’re dedicated to bringing you nothing but the best. We’re here to assist you with everything casino-based and we hope you enjoy everything we have to offer.


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Editorial Team

Grant is the self-professed casino madman and reporter that brought this eclectic team of dedicated and talented writers together from around the world to proudly build an humble empire of authentic casino news.

Carmen is our residential reporter always on the move and hunting down the latest scoops and rumours to explore. Nothing gets past her keen nose, especially when it comes to some serious Jelly Bean poker tournaments.

Sophia keeps our team of reporters atop any legislative developments to follow up with a welcomed dose of positive news as our house trivia nut!

Taking a liking to the occasional bout of slots, George used to moonlight as a roulette dealer, giving him a unique perspective into the casino world. From there he continued his journalist education and has been with us ever since a star-aligned graduation brought him and our team together.

“Magic Malik”—as we like to call him—is not only a tech whiz but a wizard when it comes to getting obscure news hot off the press so we know exactly what’s happening and can explore and report it back to our growing and loyal readerbase.

Newcomer Kat is our newcomer poker aficionado whos skill not only lives on the table but flourishes on the site as through her many sources she never fails to be the first to hear of any important or exciting poker news around the world.