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The world of online gambling has increased in size in ways that exceeded the expectations of most within the last 10 – 20 years and the industry is now so big that it dwarfs the original and more traditional offline forms of gambling.

It is accessible from almost anywhere in the world and it has become incredibly easy to play wherever and whenever you wish. Because of the wide availability, it needs to be used responsibly and here at we’re very aware that this is of utmost importance. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy guide to make sure you always gamble responsibly.

Enjoying Responsible Gambling

It’s not just the player who needs to think about having a responsible attitude towards gambling – online bookmakers, casinos and all other forms of gambling websites need to make sure that they too are doing everything they can to aid responsible gambling.

A website or operator will need to prove they promote responsible gambling by applying for the relevant licenses and allowing independent audits and tests to prove their fairness and security. Above all, gambling websites have a responsibility to ensure they do everything they can to allow players to set limits, close accounts or any other measures to help gamblers to have a responsible and fair gambling experience at their tables, slots or sportsbook sections.

From a player’s perspective, it’s great to have the peace of mind in knowing that regulated and trusted sites are there to help and not just to take our money.

Easy Precautionary Steps

Gambling website operators will do as much as they can to ensure responsible gambling, but the onus is really on the player to make sure that it stays fun and doesn’t become problematic. Follow some of these tips and make sure you play in a responsible way.

  • Set Your Limits

    Gambling is fun, and gambling is a form of entertainment. You wouldn’t go to the cinema and not have a clear budget for your ticket and snacks, etc. so you should treat gambling in the same way. Always have a set maximum amount you’re willing to play with and stick to it.

  • It’s Not a Means of Guaranteed Income
    Some people have managed to make a very good living from gambling, but they are few and far between. Many will have spent thousands of hours honing their skills, but still they will rely on an element of luck. Don’t approach it thinking it’s going to make you rich and that you can quit your day job. Sometimes you might win, and you might win well, but a lot of the time you will lose. Treat wins as bonus money and spend it on something nice, but don’t ever think you can rely on regular wins.

  • Take Regular Breaks
    Many online casinos and gambling websites allow players to set time limits for themselves. Once this time has elapsed a message will appear on the screen informing the player that they have played for their pre-determined time period and asking if they wish to continue. Take a break. Gambling online for prolonged periods can be harmful for your eyes and your psyche. The tables will still be there after you’ve gone for a coffee and a breath of fresh air.

  • Don’t Chase Your Losses
    Doubling up to try and win back what they have lost is a common tactic used by many gamblers. It’s one which might sometimes work, but more often than not it will see you losing even more money. You’ll have to take the rough with the smooth and accept some losses, however painful they might momentarily seem. Going high stakes to try and win back what you have lost because you “know” you’re bound to hit the jackpot soon is a fool’s errand.

When Gambling Becomes a Problem

You might think you’re in complete control, even if you bend the rules of the tips we’ve outlined above. If you’re straying from your original staking plan or not taking breaks as often as you should it might not be the end of the world, but combined with any of the following it could mean you are developing a gambling problem:

  • Gambling more than you can afford to lose
  • Arguing with a partner because of the time/money you spend on gambling
  • Borrowing or stealing money in order to gamble
  • Secret gambling
  • Gambling becoming the most important thing in your life
  • Loss of sleep, either through thinking about gambling or because of lengthy all-night playing
  • Not stopping even when you win big
  • Depression

Any one or a combination of these behavioural aspects strongly hints at gambling addiction and it is advisable to nip it in the bud as soon as possible.

Treating Gambling Addiction

Firstly, you should give yourself a time out. Excessive or compulsive gambling doesn’t necessarily mean addiction and an immediate stop can sometimes be all you need. Use the casino’s cooling off option and close your account for a while. This might be all you need.
If you still find yourself thinking about gambling and feeling like you must play, then the problem could be more serious.

Luckily there are many support groups available to help problem gamblers. Many of these are online so you don’t need to bare your soul in front of complete strangers. The important thing is that you talk to someone about. Even friends and family can be good listeners who will give you the help you need.

Professional Help Organizations

The following are some of the best gambling help organizations, all of which have extensive experience and knowledge in helping compulsive gamblers to regain control of their gambling habits, and once again treat it as a healthy form of entertainment.

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Just Remember…

Here at we want you to see gambling as fun, just like we do, but please be aware of the signs of problem gambling if they ever show themselves and get help immediately if you feel that you’re struggling with it.