Mobile Casino Apps for iPhone


iOS, and more specifically, the iPhone, have certainly had a huge impact on the mobile industry in very many ways. When the first iPhone was launched a little over a decade ago, the world went gaga over it. Apple, the company behind it, has continued with the trend of delivering devices that include smartphones, tablets, and laptops that are considered to be top of the line within their respective categories. A very large number of people love iPhones and iPads, especially because they offer simplistic features that anyone can master quite quickly. In addition to this, the devices are usually updated regularly with the latest features by Apple.

As far as gaming on a mobile casino goes, the iPhone has all the best features you may be looking for in a smartphone. If pocketability is not a concern for you, online casino gaming on the iPad presents players with a larger screen for even more immersive gaming experience. The beauty of the two devices is that they run on the same operating system and therefore the real money casino apps built for your iPhone will work just as well on your iPad – only BIGGER.

Online and mobile gaming are such a big deal in this era, and thanks to Apple, players like yourselves get to enjoy the best high-definition gaming experience possible, whenever and wherever.

Why Play on iOS?

Generally speaking, iPhones and iPads are great devices and are therefore a delight to have, but since we are here to focus on the casino gaming aspect of the products, we are going to highlight what makes them such a big deal.

Play on the go– This is more often than not the most significant motivation for mobile and online gamblers. Playing your favorite mobile casino game on the iPhone or at your online casino of choice is a convenient way of indulging in the activity from wherever you may be, at any time. Convenience is certainly a huge selling point for these devices particularly because of their sleek and portable nature.

play on the go iOS

Unmatched Gaming Experience– Most, if not all, of the best mobile casino games are available for the iPhone and the iPad. No matter what type of game you fancy – iOS has it. But that is not all. One more defining factor for gaming on iOS is the fact that everything including the simplest games is in high definition (HD). This makes the gaming experience very unique, engaging and enjoyable. In addition to this the games themselves, both in the apps and the online platforms, feature beautiful designs to make gaming fun and immersive.

unmatched gaming experience

Variety – While playing online casino games on your iPad or iPhone is definitely a treat, the convenience and completeness of an app are still unmatched. Mobile casino apps for iPhone and iPad came into being very early on just as the smartphone industry was beginning to gain momentum. Due to this, it is nearly impossible to find an online casino operator that does not have its app listed in the Apple App Store. In fact, there is a dedicated section on the App Store that lists casino games based on a number of criteria such as popularity and even dates posted.

variety of games

Safety and Security – Normally, we would have listed this point as part of the things that you need to consider when choosing an online casino or smartphone app that offers the same. It is very satisfying to not have to worry about real money casino apps for your iPhone being untrustworthy. Well, to some extent you may still need to keep your eyes open for any red flags but with iOS, everything is a bit more streamlined towards ensuring customer safety and satisfaction. Apple has a pretty strict policy with regards to publishing apps in the App Store and therefore all the apps that get past the screening process have passed various security tests. This is very important for players.

safety and security android

Finding the Best iOS Casino

Even though most of the games meet the minimum standards required for operation, it would be inaccurate to say that they are all the best because, in one way or the other, they may not actually meet your personal standards or desires.

One of the very first things you will have to consider is how the game is offered – is it a mobile app or an online game? This factor has been quite important because in the past iOS devices have had trouble accessing online casino games because the operating system does not support Adobe Flash Player, which was predominantly used in the recent past for online casino games. However, all this is bound to take a turn for the better as developers have been working to have the games work with HTML 5 software that will enable the games to be played across all operating systems and devices. Even then, you will have to choose whether you prefer to play via a browser or an App Store certified casino app.

One other very important factor you may need to consider is the bonuses and promotions offered. Bonuses are available for mobile casinos app for iPhone and iPad as well as the online casino versions iPad users can access. You will need to read the fine print though, so as to ensure that you do not get subjected to unfavorable wagering requirements once you sign up.

The Best iOS Games

Compared to what was the case a few years ago, today’s iOS casino apps and online platforms boast of a broader variety of games. This can be partly attributed by the tremendous effort that has been put in by casino software developers like Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming, who have done very well for themselves and are now considered to be the leading software providers on the planet.

Mobile casino apps for iOS devices consist of all of the fan-favorite casino games variants and types such as blackjack, video poker, roulette, slots and even live dealer games. Also prominently featured are a number of arcade-style betting games, Keno, and card games.

The real money casino apps for the iPhone and iPad pack a ton of fun games and very convenient payment methods. So, if you’re not already a mobile casino player, there is no better time than now to try casino games on your iOS devices.