Top 2019 Windows Casino Apps


When it comes to desktop computers and laptops, Windows phone is arguably the most popular operating system on the planet. And even though the Windows Phone platform has had to settle for third place behind iOS and Android on the mobile platform popularity scale, Microsoft has been working on ensuring that its customers get to enjoy the same features that they would on regular laptops and desktops.

While there aren’t many Windows mobiles on the market, Microsoft still offers amazing ways for windows casino apps to work on portable devices such as tablets, laptops and Windows phones thanks to their newly launched Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API.

Gamers who own Windows-powered devices can access casino games either by heading to the Microsoft Store or straight to the casino operator’s website via the browser and downloading the native app from there. However, in many cases, Windows devices are usually optimized for compatibility with instant-play browser casinos. While it is true that downloading a standalone casino app has a bit more advantages than accessing the instant-play versions via a web browser, not many operators have taken the initiative to build the standalone apps for Windows, especially on smartphones. As such, the instant-paly versions are an absolutely worthy alternative – all you will need to do is simply login and you can access the instant-play Java, HTML5 or Flash games from your Windows device.

Why Play Windows Casino Games?

Whenever the topic of web entertainment comes up, most people would think about online and mobile casino gaming. In most cases, whenever one thinks about mobile gambling, there is always bias with iOS and Android devices being the first ones to come to mind. Microsoft Windows usually comes at a distant third, but this should not be the case at all. Here are some of the reasons why you should not discount the platform:

Completeness– The best thing about Windows casino apps and instant-play gaming platforms is the fact that they provide players with a secure gaming environment right from their PC desktops. They allow you to do everything that is available on the full desktop version of the site on your portable Windows device – this includes all the withdrawal and deposit options, access to 24/7 customer support services and even interface customization capabilities to allow for easier access of your favorite games.

completeness of casino apps windows

Legitimate, Certified and Tested– Microsoft’s Windows Store, like its counterparts, is very strict about which kind of gambling applications it lists. All the applications are stringently tested to ensure that they are up to standard as far as genuineness and security go. On the same note, Windows monitors traffic from the online casino sites and any unusual activity is flagged – this means that even on the online space you will be able to access legitimate casino sites and steer clear of the scams that are rife on the internet.

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Variety– Since, as mentioned earlier, many of the online casino operators have an instant-play version of their offerings alongside their apps, Windows allows players to access nearly all of these instant-play casinos without the need to download any additional software or plug-ins. With your Windows device, you will barely miss out on anything.

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Finding the Best Windows Casinos

With the rise in online fraud and other forms of cybercrime, customer protection in the online gambling space has never been more of a priority. This is why security and safety should be one of the most important criteria one considers before settling on an online casino. Even though the Windows operating system can help in flagging suspicious sites, it all boils down to how vigilant one is, and given how critical this factor is, there should no compromise whatsoever. Always go for a certified and approved operator.

Also as important is the fluidity of the gameplay and the usability of the casino app or the instant-play online casino. Windows is designed to work on a wide range of devices but some developers tend to ignore this fact and this, in turn, results in a product that may not be compatible with some devices. As such, when picking a mobile casino app, you need to make sure that it works perfectly with your device. Once you have ascertained that it does, check for the visual cues that appeal to you. This is the best way to ensure you have a wholesome gaming experience.

Some of the other important factors that you need to consider include, great bonuses and promotions, reasonable wagering requirements, the range of games offered, the available withdrawal and deposit methods, high transaction speeds and, last but definitely not least, outstanding customer support services.

Best Windows Casino Games

Mobile gaming is one of the latest trends in mobile technology but it does have a few drawbacks, especially with regards to game variety – native Windows apps have generally not been explored the same as it has for other platforms. However, Windows has opted to focus on continuously and consistently improving the avenues through which gamblers access the online games, that is, its web browser and other web technologies. After all, each casino operators strives to ensure their online presence is up to date. You will always be able to access these through your web browser.

Casino games for Windows include different types of apps for slots games and a fair number of table and video poker games – more are available online, of course. Other titles include classics like blackjack and roulette. All are provided by some of the most popular casino software developers and suppliers including Microgaming and Playtech.