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Japan is not exactly a hotbed for gaming action. Admittedly, you will not see any online casinos in Japan, but you may still perceive the glimmers of a rather brighter future. In the current review, we will examine what options do Japanese players have to wager for real money and try to navigate the rather intricate latticework of legislation.

A sort of a grey area, there are still some downsides of the whole business, and we are here to examine them up close. We look at how blanket bans don’t title innovation in the sector, and now a much-debated piece of legislation may bring around a revolution in the Japanese online casino sector.

Methods of Playing Safely Online

If you want to join the Japanese gaming fray, there is no better way than picking your device first. You may opt for a portable gizmo, such as a smartphone or a still ploy your hobby from a PC. Some gamers prefer to be tethered down to a desktop computer, as they prefer the comforts of their own homes immensely.

The Mediums of Play

Every online casino in Japan will tease you to a few possibilities, and it’s quite understandable that variety is the main selling point:

  • The download option – Fancy having the software running on your device? That’s quite alright! You may play without lingering in your browser. The upshots? You get streamlined graphics to enjoy. And the sound tends to be somewhat better;
  • Stay tuned, stay online – Then again who really has the time to be in one spot while gaming? Why not play through the browse and enjoy your favourite pastime in transit, on the go, or in some extreme cases – on the hop.

Technically, it is ‘illegal’ to run a casino with software in the country. However, credible offshore operators are now accessible in the country, and the government has not outlawed them. You may game away safely at the offshore online casinos in Japan. Well, only if they pass our vetting process that is. Here are a few words about that.

Top Licensed Real Money Online Casinos in Japan

Picking a top operator is never at ease, we know too well. Normally, in Japan, you will not have the bodies that are ready to have an open dialogue about addiction for instance. That is why we make sure that the online casinos in Japan that we certify also account for more subtle parts of the industry, such as the vulnerability of certain gamers.

How We Vet Operators

The fact that operator is not bound to uphold an honour code and pertain to the law in a certain country is no reason for anyone to try and cheat, although some do. That is why the best gaming places online will always seek to introduce the best gaming practices in a Japan, a country that is still on the way of elaborating on its own industry.

With this in mind, we have very specific expectations, and rather high at that, from operators. License, good track record of handling customers and problems, and external audits are on our list of what we expect from the best online casinos in Japan, which are technically offshore after all.

Picking the Right Device and Game

We are covering games in detail just around the corner. Meanwhile, we want to mention that all worth-it websites will be mobile friendly. That does not necessarily mean that they have an app ready and waiting for you to tap into, albeit you may bet a tenner they do. No, we simply mean that the websites will be quite pleasant to navigate and responsive even from a browser.

Alternatively, you can rely on your desktops and laptops. But with Japan being one of the most tech-savvy countries, you may preferably opt for some of the slick tablets and smartphones that are quite ubiquitous among the population. Yes, online casinos in Japan may not be even in the country for the most part, but they won’t hold you back!

Plus, do consider that the government is planning to introduce offline gaming resorts, which may entail the creation of similar online venues within the country.

Online Bonuses for Japanese Casino Players

Just as with other offshore operators, the online casinos in Japan that make the cut will always entertain you to quite the respectable host of gaming options, including bonuses! The choice remains vastly yours and you may pick whatever you wish. But first, let’s examine the options to choose from:

  • Sign Up & Welcome Bonuses ­ – These are the staples of any casino out there. You will see yourself browsing through the options and pick those that cater to your exclusive needs. You ought to be aware that most welcome packages are of incremental nature, meaning that you may get slightly better rewards the more you deposit.
  • Freebies – Casinos will always seek to entertain you in all ways imaginable, which is quite the relief by any measure. You may plonk down hard cash or you can take the free spins and give yourself a bit of a monetary incentive, this is the way to go.
  • Bring your friends on, too – The refer to friend bonus is also a popular way to get some additional cash and to share in the joy of gaming. Don’t feel like you are milking your friend. Quite он the contrary, you will both receive a bonus, and your acquaintance can easily dovetail this bonus with a welcome offer, for an overall great leg-up in online gaming.

Tips for Online Deposits

Stay safe with the best online casinos in Japan when depositing! Know what methods to pick. Well, the good news is that as long as an operator bears our seal of approval, you may bet freely and without worrying about the deposit options. Two are the features that make such venues stand out in the crowd:

  • A true versatility of the options, including debit/credit cards, e-wallets, coupons, checks, safe pre-paid cards, and mobile payment solutions;
  • Instantaneous processing times to dispense with the unnecessary waiting times

If you are looking for a way to protect yourself in full from the sticky paws of ill-meaning third parties, we advise you to choose your operator wisely. This is roughly the most important prerequisite for a future of gaming without any qualms

We recommend e-wallets. They add an additional layer of security, which makes the gaming experience feel a much more considerate and anonymous activity, which will protect your private financial data while allowing you to participate in full.

Overall, make sure that your operator is licensed and absolutely drop by the chart that shows how much deposits and withdrawals take on average. It cannot be more than a few days at the outside.

Overview of Japanese Gaming Laws and Legislation

As we have said, gaming in Japan is illegal. How come then there are online casinos in Japan? Well, they are not exactly the country’s own established operators. Rather, they tend to be operating in neighbouring regions and just advertise themselves to Japanese gamers.

With this in mind, you see how regulations are not always as stern. Nevertheless, the current laws prohibit gaming dens to operate on the territory of the country, which makes the whole ordeal a rather different undertaking, to begin with.
However, a ray of light may be spotted. The government has voted in favour in 2018 of a project to welcome a number of casino resorts. Yes, these are brick-and-mortar venues, but it is quite likely that the adoption of landbased properties will spur the creation of authentic Japanese gaming dens online.
The public in Japan, however, is slightly opposed to seeing gaming become a more significant part of their country’s culture. Still, enough grassroots movement exists to create the need for that.

  • A Flurry of Bets Nonetheless

Despite the pro-forma ban, it is quite easy to start your gaming career at a venue such as an offshore gaming den. The best online casinos in Japan, as we said, are abroad. As long as they have been properly licensed, you may press ahead with your gaming proclivities without worrying that the law will come after you. Certainly not at a time, when the Prime Minister’s cabinet openly endorses brick-and-mortar shops.

Sites to Avoid

After spending a fair deal of time sorting out online casinos in Japan, we have established that there are a number of offshore operators that continue to operate unperturbed or are rebranded. Our concerns come from legality matters, payment scandals and other practices as such. As a result, we have prepared a list of unworthy sites which you can refer to here.

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