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We owe all the fun we get at online casinos to the brilliant products developed by some of the best studios in the industry – the providers of stellar casino software and the associated gaming titles. Today we focus on some of the flagship leaders who have created the most evocative slots and realistic live dealer games. NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech are the cream of the crop and as such, they deserve a closer look.
What, however, sets one developer apart from the hoi polloi of minor-league game crafters? A variety of options, artistic savvy and an ability to adjust gaming expectations to a monetary incentive is what helps the best be just that.

Different Ways to Game Online

When it comes to picking a casino, you may indeed be interested in the casino software and games that come along with it. The best operators will certainly rely on a versatile offer that can be easily adapted to the preferences of the user. Here, we can pick from a rather rich choice of options.
We can stick with online play or download a piece of software that allows us to unfold the gaming action on our screens. And if that doesn’t seem satisfactory then the pervasiveness of the mobile phone in virtually every aspect of our daily lives will come handy at this point.

How does this affect you?

All top providers utilize mobile technologies to their benefit, and of course – your satisfaction as a customer. You can absolutely play your favorite casino games from a mobile app, which makes the whole experience quite exciting and comfortable! Whether you choose to download or play online with your phone, on the other hand, is something that is left entirely up to you. The best casino software allows for browser play and app play in equal measures.

Casino Software – Pros and Cons

Perhaps, in each case, you will opt for a different option. The mobile play is the most popular choice among many gamers, as it allows them to play in odd hours and do so comfortably. If there are any drawbacks to playing with downloaded software, they may be wrapped up in the fact that it consumes more system resources and you are rather limited in your choice of venue to enjoy a favorite pastime.
However, if you prefer bigger screens, slightly better picture and audio, you may indeed opt for a version of the best casino software where you enjoy yourself at home rather than play on the crammed public transport or during lunch hours.

Our Software Provider Approval Process

Sifting through the top casino software companies, it’s not so easy to spot the top firms. They have been long enough to produce a string of characters that have quickly become the own signature style not of a casino software provider, but of the very operator they can be found at.

However, there are specifics that need to be addressed:

Most operators develop slots en masse, apart from the staple gaming titles that the well-seasoned and tactical-savvy gamer is familiar with. The slots, in turn, have their own return to player rates, which have to meet certain standards.

Here’s what to look for…

It’s always good to anticipate and be on the lookout for external audits, based on the legislation the operator is running in. If a body, such as has looked into what is being paid to you as a customer, that is a good sign.
Having played a good number of titles ourselves, we can detect subtleties, such as slide transition, lag in the engine of the game, and problems with the quality. In fact, anything incongruous there is, we will find and report.

Safe and Secure Gaming

Staying safe is of course paramount. The top casino software will go some way in guaranteeing this. However, you must also consider the reputation of the operator itself. The providers of games will not necessarily look into how credible an operator is. For the most part, however, they will only sell to licensed companies.
But a license alone doesn’t mean an operator is worth your money. Generally, all operators start with an honest intent but get bogged down in the financial quagmire later down the road. While casino software is still paramount, you also need to consider those other subtle details that help you sketch out the whole picture.

Top Rated Casino Softwares of 2020

As at the onset of the article, we will now reiterate the casino software developers that we hold to be the backbone of the whole industry, namely NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech. All three of these providers have fought for a firm foothold among operators and today they sport some of the most memorable products. Here is the low-down of these credible development studios.

  • NetEnt

    NetEnt is one of the oldest players in the sector. The dev has been around since 1996 providing mostly European enthusiasts with the impeccable gaming experience. Specializing in slots, the company has pushed hundreds of lucrative titles that have brought joy to operators and consumers alike.

    NetEnt is famed for its 3D slots which the company pioneered as well as creating the world’s largest progressive jackpot game, Mega Fortune. On top of that, its first party game Gonzo’s Quests also boasts the highest theoretical payout limit in any online casino game. While it’s definitely casino software you would like to use when it comes to gaming, remember that NetEnt does not host games in the United States casinos, albeit a recent overturning of PASPA may change this in the foreseeable future.

  • Microgaming

    Microgaming is another behemoth on the landscape of casino software. With a firm grasp of all sorts of gaming titles, the company has hundreds of completed products under its belt. More noteworthy still, here is a company that allows you to share the joy by participating in multiplayer games with over a staggering 360 titles and counting. Microgaming’s slots feature some of the most eye-catchy titles, including the Playboy franchised picks and other IP-related licensed products on the horizon.

  • Playtech

    Playtech is definitely a favorite with its plurality of options. They have been adamant on boosting user-friendliness and developing intuitive interfaces. All of their products (more than 250 games to date) run without glitches, courtesy of extensive testing beforehand so they tend to enjoy some of the industry’s best in the scope of security. The games themselves are manifold enough to keep you entertained and appeal to your every need.