Online Casinos in Canada

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Canada is the country of the maple syrup and ice hockey, and today, we review a little-suspected proclivity among Canadian – their love for online gambling. If you have tried playing at some of the best online casinos in Canada, you will have immediately noticed that the residents of the North are fond of a variety of games and they quite equally engage in the card, table, and even dice games.

We will examine the makings of a sterling host of operators and see what establishes them as market leaders. Conversely, we will also undo the self-styled fraudsters. Here we go!

How to Play at Canadian Online Casinos

If you enjoy online casinos in general, you will be quite keen on Canadian venues. They are the benchmark against which all other purveyors of all things related to chance & profit are gauged. You will be immediately tempted into action by how accessible the whole offer is. Let’s see how you can play.

  • The No-Download Option – Dive straight into the action on any devices of your choice by simply accessing the online casino via your web browser. Yes, the top venues of recreational and professional online gaming in Canada will cater to all your needs without the need for any software download. The best software developers are at play here, competing to bring you the most immersive experience possible.
  • Let’s Download for Better Graphics – Without a speck of doubt, you will immediately notice that the downloadable version offers slightly better treats. If you are not in it for the pure gaming value, but normally appreciate having enhanced graphics and a subtly better audio, you may feel more comfortable downloading.

Ultimately, an online casino in Canada will strive to provide you with the same experience regardless of the version you choose for yourself. Explore the options well and remember that nothing stops you from alternating them freely.

Best Real Money Online Casino to Join

Ultimately, it always boils down to picking the most reputable operator. It may come as a rather demanding task, but one that pays off immensely. Having decided to open your account at a reputable gaming operator(s) is crucial. In conducting our reviews, we rely on a comprehensive vetting process that checks everything from regulatory bugbears and compliance to more common things, such as the variety of games and available devices to play on.
We will pay attention to several things in particular, as we consider them rather essential to identifying the top brass:

  • Regulatory compliance – Without a doubt, our top condition prior to committing any given sum of money;
  • Welcome bonuses – We care whether those bonuses come with clear conditions from the onset and whether they can lead to sustainable profit;
  • Security – An aspect of every operation that cannot be overlooked lightly. When you play for real money, you want to know that your personal and gaming data remain safe;
  • Customer Support – Establishing a clear channel of communication is of equal importance. If things go the wrong way, you want to know that you can rely on a quick response from the operator.

We strive to review each and every one of those parts separately. Next, we move onto the fun parts, such as the selection and variety of games. We audit and check if those offer a decent return to player rates and test the casino from a number of devices.

For instance, it is important that an online casino in Canada is mobile friendly. More, it would be a great help if an Android and iOS apps can be accessed through the website, boosting the comfort of the gamer.

Lastly, when it comes to security, we will check whether the website is whitelisted. You may want to keep your eye open for the green padlock in your browser’s URL that guarantees your information has been secured using the SSL standard.

Top 5 Online Canadian Games

Yes, Canadians mean business. Their local operators come with quite the exhaustive trove of options and they all seem quite the worthy choices. You will find an overwhelming variety and one that you ought to fully give in to instead of demurely avoid.

  • The Online Slots, Oh Joy!
  • We personally like the slots. They are casual, leisurely, and allow you to score the occasional big win. However, they may not be exactly designed for you to win, and as much as you may like a cartoony character slogging through the jungle of South America, for example, you may want to reconsider your choice of game. If you are truly lucky, the online slots, paired with a brilliant starter’s bonus, can turn into a quick hit-and-run win.

  • Stacking the Deck
  • There are many iterations of cards you can play. If you fancy the slow-paced, cunning action that is poker, you will find quite a few options, including the live dealer games. But why restrict yourself to a single title? Playing with real money in an online casino in Canada can be quite rewarding, and you can swap between titles of various stature. Baccarat is another classic example of a lasting gaming title.
    And if that does not satisfy your gaming needs, then do consider Blackjack, everyone’s favorite after all.

Canada’s Favorite Games

Canadians like to balance between well-considerate play and the occasional foray into the unknown. You will see most of your compatriots hit the online slots while happily planning their next stratagem in a game that implies actual tactics. Based on skill and prescience, table & card games are your go-to options in Canada if you are looking to boost your profits.

Conversely, you can always & happily palaver with fellow gamers while engaged in the latest online slot action and not giving it another thought. Those titles can, in fact, be quite riveting. Steeped in history and popular culture, you can enjoy a number of tales, myths and famous movie characters.

Who Forges the Games?

Real money online casinos in Canada make use of a number of established companies that hammer hard at the anvil of creativity to bring you the latest well-balanced title. Everyone can appreciate the treats on offer by NetEnt and Microgaming. If you love cards, then you should definitely check out Microgaming’s seductive Playboy-themed live hostesses. Still, don’t let frills distract you and focus on your game.

Tips and Bonuses for Canadian Players

Bonuses. Yes, we are huge fans of those. Make sure that whatever you opt for, you read the wagering requirements carefully and consider whether the task there is feasible and worth undertaking in the first place. And now, let’s check out a few special treats!

  • Welcome bonus (as part of a package or standalone) – All operators that offer real money games will always have you covered with an initial bonus. That’s fine and definitely worth looking into!
  • No deposit treats – Every now and then an operator gives you a free bonus that does not require you to do anything on your part. The casino just reward you it as a quick token of gratitude.
  • Get your local specials – If you are part of a loyalty program, you may tap into a handful of extra options that may otherwise be off the table.
  • Reload Bonuses – If you get to add more money to your account, you could be eligible for the reload bonus.

Canadian Laws on Online Gaming

So Canada does not exactly adhere to gambling as a country, but popular support is quite sufficient to allow for offshore operators to gladly take Canadians onboard. Yes, the best online casinos in Canada are not precisely Canadian, to begin with, but they excessively cater to the local climate.

In essence, the Criminal Code of Canada prohibits gambling. Don’t worry, though. While it is illegal to run a gambling den, whether online or offline or be found in one, wagering at an offshore operator is unlikely to hurt you. Canadians are gambling openly, and they have never been in hot water with the authorities.

If you want to enjoy yourself locally, you may do so in British Columbia, which is running a virtual poker room to cater age-appropriate gamblers. Otherwise, you will be quite happy to continue dabbling with those heavens known as the offshore industry. It’s still worth making sure that they are licensed.

Most companies that take Canadian chance-takers have been licensed by Kahnawake – one of the legal jurisdiction that allows operators to carry out gambling transactions.

What’s Next on the Legal Landscape?

We will argue that Canada assumes the same relaxed approach towards its gambling industry as it does towards many other areas. As long as the operators are not seedy characters swindling people out of money, the government is not particularly hot on chasing down offshore ghosts, especially when the brick-and-mortar gaming business is on an upswing, and advertisement revenue is generated with the help of the online counterparts.

Finding an authentic gambling den is not at all difficult, although it is very likely to be classified as an outer-land jurisdiction to avoid entanglement with the government. It’s most certainly an apt move by those who wish to operate online casinos for players in Canada. And for us gamers, it really does not matter as long as no foul play is afoot.

Sites to Avoid

You may think that all casinos are safe to play in, but the truth of the matter is, it isn’t. There are most certainly some shady operators out there, ones that you should avoid at all cost. However, there’s no need for you to be worried, as long as you avoid these specific ones that we’ve blacklisted. With our experience, we can spot a dishonest site from a mile away.