Online Casinos in Australia

Australians clearly love to gamble, and online casinos in Australia are quite happy to accommodate all eager Aussie players. The country offers a rich variety of top-notch venues that cater to the needs of every individual gambler. With quite the respectable numbers, the activity is popular enough in this part of the world to mandate stricter regulations.

We review those real money casinos that are worth spending hard-earned currency on. The trappings of a great casino are not easy to spot immediately, but we draw on years of experience and professed love for the game itself.

Best Way to Play Australian Online Casinos

Gamers today aren’t as accommodating when it comes to being restricted in their options. You will quickly spot that an industry which enjoys around 6.8 million active chance-takers can hardly sustain itself by forcing anything on its customers.

Online casinos in Australia come with a pinch of variety. We differentiate between two main types that are worth further examination:

  • Opting for browser play – It sounds tempting to quickly punch in the address of your favorite operator and enjoy a few quick spins, on any occasion. It’s precisely what you get from the online casino.
  • The download option – It may seem like cluttering your device with unnecessary software, but the streamlined graphics, general reliability of the offer, and an overwhelming variety of games for your PC and mobile make the few extra bytes quite worth it!

Australia offers a respectable number of both types, which make the country a secret heaven for those who seek gambling action.

Picking the Perfect Real Money Casino

Conducting a review of a casino is not an easy undertaking. We exercise our due diligence while trying to leave no stone unturned and nooky unchecked. We don’t handle the label ‘best online casino” in Australia lightly, but when we do – you can rest assured that the operator has earned it.

Real money play involves caution and we understand the importance of staying safe. So why not stay safe across devices?

A Variety of Gizmos with Online Casinos in Australia.

  • Pick mobile and game on the go – Australian casinos are immensely hospitable to gamblers who opt for their phones. Virtually every top operator in the country has quite the accomplished mobile app, available for both Android and iOS to showcase.
  • Smartphones are all very well, but there is more – Make sure to pick an alternative to your phone. iPads, Tablets, and even Apple Watches will serve as a gateway to some lucrative gaming action.

Pick a Title and Stay Safe

Variety is essential to captivating the interest of the droves of players that flock so readily. You will need to make sure that a casino offers a rich pick of the table and slot games, as those are the staple gaming titles preferred by recreational and seasoned players alike.

A few quick notes about security matter. First, when vetting a website, make sure it is licensed by:

  • A jurisdiction that issues licenses;
  • OR

  • Checked by a governmental watchdog that observers the industry’s standards are upheld;

Security is not a light matter, so make sure your website is using SSL encryption and that your browser checks it out as a secure link. Some third-party auditioning displayed on the operator’s homepage is also telling.

Top Australia Casino Games

When it comes to the best online casinos in Australia and their most played gaming titles, you may spot an interesting trend. Aussies just love to assume full responsibility for their gambling fate. Instead of cross-fingered wishful thinking, players in Australia prefer to participate in the more considerate type of action. And, oh boy, do skill-based games abound in Australia.

  • Card Games
    Yes, nearly all card games come with proven stratagems that even the odds between customer and casino. Baccarat and Blackjack are both popular titles with sophisticated playthroughs, which are nonetheless easy to grasp. Pinpointing the game’s specifics and channelling the subtle insights you have garnered on your own may help you to turn a quick and steady profit.
    Some exotic variations also exist, such as Caribbean Stud and Pai Gow – a two-hand poker game, which pits players versus the house.
  • The Casino’s Classics
    A top online casino in Australia will always have the classics. Predominantly, you can expect a variety of slots and roulette variations brought by the tech giants and established leaders in the industry. With iconic and evocative characters, NetEnt, Microgaming, and Evolution Gaming are among the most respected developers in the field.

    They cater copiously to slots with their memorable storytelling and colour-rich cinematics. If slots are at a somewhat disadvantageous position for turning a quick profit, the European roulette is still very much everyone’s favourite with generous profit margins available.

    You may be wondering which one is best to pick for starters? We recommend avoiding real money play because the best online casinos in Australia will allow you to have as many practice games as you need.

Bonuses for Australian Casino Players

Thoughtful and reliable, operators entertain Aussie players to bonuses a many. You will not have to worry about starting with empty hands. Quite the opposite, most respectable casinos will ensure that you have something extra added to your starter’s war chest. Naturally, a closer review of the bonus options is necessary. Here is what we hold true about bonuses in Australia:

  • Try to read through the wagering requirements;
  • Make sure not to go after high sums unless, of course, you are a high roller yourself;
  • Consider mixing a set of bonuses for obtaining maximum profits

Short of that, you will have to ask yourself what offers you are interested in. You may favor a particular day to play and come back for a daily promotion or be in for the weekly specials or weekend showdowns. Whatever you are after, you will certainly find it at the best Aussie operators without a fail.

Tips to Make Your Dollars Go Far

Maxing out your profit is an important part of any experience at an online casino in Australia. How do you, in fact, make your money work for you? Equal amounts of careful play, knowledge of the game, and patience contribute for an overall satisfactory, and above all, lucrative experience. Let us have a look at the practical side of matters:

  • Managing your bankroll – The perennial advice that you will need to take into consideration if you are to become a successful gambler. Make sure that you always keep track of your money, how you spend them, and how much your earn. Be on the lookout for return on your investment (ROI) and losses;
  • Bet with your brain – We often get carried away with a slot’s pleasantly animated toon or a live dealer’s undeniable charm. However, if you are in this to maximize your profits, sympathizing with someone is all very fine, but you will have to focus on making the odds work in your favour;
  • Stop chasing your losses – Everyone hits a bit of a bad spell. Don’t panic over losing small or big, just make sure to stop when you are not thinking clearly.

Regulations for Australian Players

In this section, we review the most common laws that can be applied across legislations, and while the focus is Australia, you will find similar regulations and latticework of provisos elsewhere. To begin with, the best online casinos in Australia will always sport a license from a jurisdiction which has the power to issue licenses.

The Regulatory Landscape Changes

With the passing of a law in 2017, which was an amendment to a previous piece of legislation known as the Gambling Act, offshore poker and online casinos have been banned. More importantly for you as an Aussie gambler is the fact that the latest piece of the legal debate has effectively prohibited free bets and live betting, sometimes referred to as in-play betting.

Most of the gambling industry is overseen by a number of bodies in the country, including the Australian Capital Territory’s Gambling and Racing Commission, the New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing, the South Australia’s Independent Gambling Authority, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, and a few others.

The More Practical Aspects of Gambling

When it comes down to dealing with regulation, you will have to abide by the laws. Operators who are breaking the law and taking you on as a punter, knowing full too well that they are forbidden, is a red flag and you should ask yourself if you want to share personal information with said operators.

This is a particularly important point for all Aussie players. When you set out to gamble, you will need to confirm your identity by submitting a copy of a document that identifies you as the owner of the account – You may only play with an account registered in your own name.

Conversely, you may still stick to the brands that have a great reputation and are willing to take gamers at the company’s own risk – there are certainly plenty of these to consider too.

Australia-specific Online Gambling Information

Australian players are eligible to a few perks when it comes to managing their gambling proceedings. For the most part, even professional gamblers are never asked to pay tax on what they make through playing a game, as it’s considered a ‘game of skill’ above all else. A rather contentious point elsewhere in the world, for sure. The leeway Aussie gamers get at the best online casinos in Australia gives them an extra incentive to pursue the game more determinedly.

For additional comfort, everyone who games at a top online casino in Australia will be cosseted with the local currency. Feeling a bit rueful over the Australian dollar? Don’t be – your top guns in the industry will provide you with the coveted currency on the spot.

Make sure you are safe!

Coming as quite the relief, Australia enjoys a host of casinos who partner with some of the most credible and trustworthy watchdogs in the industry. eCORGA is the organization for whose attention every operator clamors. Rest assured that eCORGA provides a lot in the way of Aussie gambling integrity. Regular exterior audits make sure that the game is not rigged in the slightest and you will be absolutely thrilled with the opportunities that stem from that.

Sites to Avoid

Finally, we have a list of bad apples, of which there are plenty. Spotting the notorious operators from the rest is essential to staying safe, but to do so takes both time and experience. If you have neither, don’t worry – We’ve got you covered. While making sure we do our best during our vetting process to find the best online casinos in Australia, we put equal amount of effort into spotting the real nasty ones. We’ve relegated these fraudsters right here for you to clearly see so you know exactly which ones to avoid like the plague.