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Video poker is a simple affair. And yet the name may immediately put you in a mind of glitzy casinos, cocktails and the occasional James Bond movie. The reality is slightly different, though, as the game offers a rather more secluded setting. It’s you against the good ol’ software. The metallic clink of coins and cards on your screen is all there is to it. Here we have put together a genuine overview of a number of features, we think are important to succeed as a player:

  • The most popular video poker games and where to find them;
  • A detailed overview of the best payout options;
  • An exquisite array of progressive pools;
  • Behind-the-scenes of the flagship developers;
  • Our own take on a few of the more whimsy terms exclusive to the game;

Pinning down the platter of delightful games takes only a few moments. Read on to learn how to find answers for yourself, or, if you prefer, just take the easier route and check our complete list of the best video poker games.

Amazing Video Poker Games and How to Find Them

In the article, we focus on providing you with detailed information about video poker. You’ll notice that we talk about the highest-paying versions of the game as well as mention game-specific terms. Our experts will elaborate on particular slang, such as ‘kickers’ and they’ll pay attention to the meaning of terms such as ‘Jacks or Better’. We’ll look into the opportunities of earning a good bonus to add to your video poker funds and most importantly – we’ll help you choose a safe playing environment.

Every time we crack a new casino, we have a delightful profusion of flashy options inviting us to check out the latest slot or get a juicy bite of a tempting bonus. But look carefully, and you will immediately notice the video poker section rearing a shy head among its better publicized siblings. Remember that you may only find these games in the casino section whereas the poker tab is allocated to the land-based game as we know it.

Video poker games to choose from.
Turns out, there are quite a few video poker games!

Met with the wealth of options, you should ask yourself – which game do I pick? The truth is there are many video poker variants you can play, and all of those are worth it.

Our recommendations will point you to the casinos we believe to be the best in the business because they have continually demonstrated their commitment to the gamer. In other words, when researching your resident v-poker venue, you’ll want to make sure of a few things:

  • Is your operator a house name in the industry?
  • Have users been able to beat the video poker machines?
  • Would you be able to find a variety of games or have to pick between a handful?

Conducting your own research is just as important as trusting our judgement as it will allow you to garner a working knowledge into the specifics of the main casinos.

The Best Video Poker Payout Options

You thought it was just slots that come with RTP. Well, not quite! Virtual pokies run the entire gamut when it comes to payout percentages. You will have your low-to-average games and high-yielding titles. In fact, there is a great number of games you can play for over 95%. Curious to find out their names?

Game Type Return
All Aces 99.92%
Jacks or Better 99.56%
Double Double Bonus 98.98%
Deuces Wild 98.91%

In total, there are over 20 handsomely paying versions of the game that are available at every venue worth their salt and knows how to cater to the various needs of their customers. The differences in the payout margin are miniscule, making it quite easy for you not only to stick to the highest paying title, but also alternate the games you play. You will notice that the basic formula remains unchanged bar a few tweaks here and there.

With an average payout of 98%, you will definitely notice that this game is one of the top-options on the market. It may lack the authentic gameplay perks of today’s innovative slots and you might not see cutting-edge cinematics, but that may not be too far around the corner, either!

You may add more benefits to your gameplay by opting for the progressive jackpot. Video poker has started plucking a lot of the distinct features of other games, and a common shared liquidity is possibly one of the best such features. In essence, every time your hand flops, you will be contributing towards the jackpot and on the off chance you win – you will be bringing home a meaty piece of bacon, indeed.

A Great Bonus Worthy of Video Poker

Finding an excellent casino that provides you with delightful v-poker options is not just a matter of how many games you have or how well they pay. Managing your bankroll is, in most cases, what determines your long-term success, and as such you ought to stay resourceful when it comes to your budget. So, what better way to be on top of your game than by adding extra funds that haven’t come out of your own pocket?

Video poker gameplay.
Video poker has a plain and simple interface allowing you to focus on the game itself

A welcome bonus will always do wonders, but then again – remember to explore the specifics that bind you to a given offer. Beyond the sign-up bargain, you can look into individual promotions that may help you streamline your gameplay and tweak it on occasion if the opportunity presents itself.

A Basic Formula with a Few Clever Specifics

Even though you will find video poker to be the same game across all iterations you encounter, you will immediately notice that you’ll be wondering about many of the subtler parts of the game. How much should I bet? What does it mean when people say ‘jack or better’? What about the kicker? All of these are easy to furnish an answer to, but first – how does a video poker machine actually work?

The Cogwheels of the Machine

Video poker online and offline works the same way other iGaming products do. You have a random number generator (RNG) which determines the outcome of separate hands. Now, you may ask yourself – do machines even do random? And the answer is a firm No.

However, the people who devoted their time into developing impeccable video poker products, and iGaming treats in general, are aware of this drawback of machines unable to process ‘random outcomes’. Still, through astute programming they have been able to find a way to create authentic, genuine and unadulterated randomness allowing you to enjoy the game in a fair play setting.

What Is Jack or Better?

Jack or Better is a popular iteration of video poker, which is most commonly known for the ability to devise a strategy and it’s also the second-highest-paying version available. We will not go through all the hands and payouts here, as the information is important enough to deserve a dedicated separate page. Still, you may quickly check out our hierarchy of hands further down the page.

Hand Details
Royal Flush Five high cards (10+) in a sequence (same suit)
Straight Flush Five cards in a sequence (same suit)
Four/Kind Four cards of the same value
Full House Three cards of the same value + two other cards of the same value
Flush Five cards of the same suit.
Straight Five cards in a sequence (needn’t be of the same suit)
Three/Kind Three cards of the same value but different suit
Two/Pairs Two cards of the same value and any fifth card
Pair Two same-value cards of different suits
High Card A hand with Ace or King

There is another specific differentiation to take note of. Jacks or Better could be a group of games. What’s particular about this game is that it pays 2-for-1
when you end up holding two of a kind.

 Jacks or Better gameplay
Dive into the Jacks or Better options

If you are eager to play a version of the game that allows you to devise complicated stratagems, Jacks or Better will be one of the decent picks you may want to allocate more time to.

Before we wrap up this section, another term deserves attention – it’s known as ‘the kicker’ in video poker slang. The kickers are any cards that do not participate in a winning combination. They are normally used to break ties between matching hands. For instance, you may end up having A – A – K – 6 – 7. Your winning combination is the pair of Aces whereas the K, 6, and 7 are your kickers.

Your opponent has ended up with A – A – Q – 2 – 3. At this point the opponent’s kickers are Q, 2, and 3, but K>Q, and hence you win.

A Final Word on Video Poker

There are many advantages of choosing one version of the game over anything else. Jacks or Better game takes a slightly quicker rhythm and it comes with a number of great-paying bonuses. From our detailed examination, we have discovered that the payout rates are uncharacteristically solid for the iGaming sector. If there are any drawbacks, they may be chalked up to the lack of player-versus-player option, but this is a small price to pay when all else is considered.

Tired of tossing cards in dim-lit rooms or want to take a break from online poker? Embark on a great alternative!