MGM Casino Lifts Ban on Photos & Videos for Table Game Players

MGM Casino Lifts Ban on Photos & Videos for Table Game Players

MGM is amending its policy regarding photos/videos/live streaming for table game players. From now on, the casino will issue permits to some players, enabling them to record their gambling exploits during the game, as long as it’s not affecting other gamblers.

The new policy is expected to take effect within the next couple of days, with all MGM Casinos in Nevada set to comply with it. As a reminder, the company operates nine casino resorts in the state, including iconic Vegas properties such as MGM Grand, Bellagio, and Mandalay Bay.

New MGM Rules for Table Games Explained

As per the new rules, patrons will be allowed to take photos and videos while playing table games, as long as it doesn’t hold up the game. However, they are not allowed to record other patrons without their explicit permission nor take photos/videos of MGM employees.

Further, they’re not allowed to play music or audio that would impact the play. They’re also prohibited from recording audio of the game.

When it comes to live streaming, it’s going to become possible but only in certain situations. MGM Casino staff will issue special permits to streamers who wish to go live at the table.

The decision to amend its photo/video/live streaming policy has been welcomed by influencers on social media, but there are also some who’ve raised their voices against it. Many Twitter users have commented negatively, saying that the new policy could have a negative effect on the players’ privacy. Further, some believe that the use of smartphones on the table may open Pandora’s box, potentially enabling cheaters to use gambling AI or other nefarious methods.

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