Lucky Hawaiian Tourist Hits $1m Jackpot in Las Vegas

Luck often determines the outcome of Las Vegas games and this is a fact of life.

Nevertheless, the public has a strange fascination with who exactly makes the big plays work for them. An unnamed hero managed to land the Monopoly Millionaire jackpot for St. Patrick’s Day and became the latest headline of a gamer who has managed to amass over $1 million in winnings at an instant.

  • Hawaiian tourist wins $1 million in Las Vegas
  • The player lands the Monopoly Millionaire jackpot
  • Plaza Hotel and Casino shares the news on social media

Winning Big in Las Vegas on St Patrick’s Day

An unnamed individual won over $1 million from Monopoly Millionaire playing at the Plaza Hotel and Casino during St Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas. The news was quickly picked up by social media with people sharing all throughout the day and the week to follow.

The individual had asked for anonymity and as such there wasn’t much info readily available about him or her. What’s available as information is that the person flew in from Hawaii, choosing Las Vegas as his destination for rest, fun and leisure.

Coming in, the individual headed into the Plaza Hotel and Casino and took a shot at Monopoly Millionaire, unwitting that they would be counting $1,029,529.13 in fresh earnings very soon. The casino reported that it took the player less than five minutes to secure a victory.

Luck has of course played its role, but the anonymous winner hasn’t protested against how fate had favored him. Jackpots have been a common sight in Las Vegas, with winners making headlines week in and week out.

Feeling the Luck of the Irish

The festivities surrounding St Patrick’s Day have definitely caught a lot of people in a festive mood. Even though the holiday is not as well-known around the country, St Patrick’s Day upbeat ambiance has made it so for many foreigners to readily join the party.

St Patrick's Day celebration in Caesars Casino, Las Vegas.
St Patrick’s Day celebration in Caesars Casino, Las Vegas. Photo Credit: Caesars

If there is one place where you will see a lot of St Patrick’s though, that’s Las Vegas. The gambling haven has used every opportunity to whip up excitement and make visitors slightly headier in deciding how much to stake on one of the many opportunities out there.

In the case of our Hawaiian visitor, though, luck had found him before Las Vegas could suck him in entirely.

Now, $1 million richer, this islander will remember St. Patrick’s quite fondly and while he’s unlikely to make another headline any time soon, he’s already had quite the profit to take home indeed.

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