Another 4 NFL Players Suspended for Gambling

Another 4 NFL Players Suspended for Gambling

In April, five players got suspended by the NFL for breaking its gambling rules. Two months later, another four footballers received a suspension for the same reason.

On Thursday, June 29, 2023, the National Football League (NFL) officially announced the suspension of three players for violating the league’s gambling rules.

Demetrius Taylor, Isaiah Rodgers, and Rashod Berry were suspended for a period of one year and immediately got released by their teams on free agency. Further, Nicholas Petit-Frere got suspended for six games in the 2023 NFL season, but the Tennessee Titans decided to keep him on the team.

Isaiah Rodgers Suspended for Small $50 Bets

The NFL remains true to its gambling policy as evident from the fact that the organization decided to suspend Isaiah Rodgers for a period of one year after it became clear he took part in betting. Even though he made relatively small bets, most of which were up to $50, with one prop bet having a stake of $1,000, the NFL still decided to punish him.

Not only did he get suspended, but he also lost his job for his gambling adventure. Right after the suspension was revealed, the Indianapolis Colts decided to part ways with him, releasing him on free agency.

Rodgers wasn’t the only Colt who lost his place in the team due to the gambling scandal. Rashod Berry had pretty much the same fate. Over in Detroit, the Lions decided to waive Demetrius Taylor who’s the third NFL player to receive a one-year ban on Thursday. In addition, there’s a rumor that another one of Detroit’s players is under investigation by the league, although it’s yet to be seen who the player is and whether he’ll receive suspension as well.

Apart from the three players suspended for 12 months, Nicholas Petit-Frere of the Tennessee Titans received a six-game ban. The reason why he got away relatively lightly is that the investigation showed that he was unaware of the NFL’s gambling rules. He was betting in Tennessee, a state that made betting legal, which made him think it was fine for professional footballers to take part in this activity as well.

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