Tom Horn Gaming Implements a New Holiday Scheme with Unlimited Days Off

Tom Horn Gaming Implements a New Holiday Scheme with Unlimited Days Off

Tom Horn Gaming is famous as one of the most innovative casino game developers, but mostly due to its products. Described as creative, their products are used by literally hundreds of top-rated online gambling sites.

This week, however, Tom Horn Gaming got itself in the headlines not because of a new slot game, but because of a new policy. The company has decided to implement an innovative holiday scheme that will let the employees choose the number of their “days off.”

New Holiday Scheme Meant to Boost Employee Satisfaction

How the new holiday scheme at Tom Horn Gaming is meant to work is that each employee will have the luxury to decide for themselves how long they will stay off work. The fixed date of return is removed from the equation.

If a team member is feeling like they need some rest, they can just notify the management that they’re taking a leave, without the need for specifying how long will it take. They also have the liberty to decide when their vacation starts, although there’s still a requirement to notify the HR department in advance.

The best thing is that Tom Horn team members will even be allowed to decide how long their work week is going to be, as well as how many hours each day they’re going to spend working for the company.

The idea behind the new policy is to make work-life balance better for the employees. With their satisfaction at the highest levels – Tom Horn bosses argue – employees are bound to give more in terms of productivity.

Tom Horn Looking to Make Itself Attractive to New Employees

According to Tom Horn CEO Ondrej Lapides, the company already has a superb track record when it comes to employee productivity and creativity. The new holiday policy is bound to take those things to a whole new level.

Lapides argues that the new rules will benefit the current members of the Tom Horn team, as well as make the company more attractive to potential new employees.

Right now, the Malta-based multinational company is looking for new additions to several of its departments, including the casino software team. The number of job vacancies at Tom Horn is bound to increase in the future as the game developer has huge plans for the future.

As a reminder, Tom Horn is one of the leading providers of casino games, with their portfolio including such slot titles as Disco Fever, Dragon Egg, and Nitro Madness.

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