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Microgaming may not be the industry’s first but they are certainly the common benchmark against which the majority of competitors are measured. The company brings you around the latest slick titles wrapped in colourful pixels, and we examine the whole offer in detail. The games are hammered to fit all sorts of personal preferences.

When it comes to cash, Microgaming’s casino software is, in fact, one of the most reliable. Your money is paid out quickly as per your operator’s terms and conditions and you may rely on all sorts of perks, including polite and responsive customer care agents, and mobile compatibility.

What you get out of this top operator is more than a sterling gaming experience. Microgaming’s best casinos are also a place where you can form community bonds allowing yourself to quickly find other gaming enthusiasts to share the joy of outwitting your opponents.

Top-Rated Microgaming Casinos

Picking the best is never as easy. However, Microgaming’s stamp for any casino would be a hallmark of approval, reliability, and security. Yes, some operators eventually lose the straightforward pathway and stray into bad habits, which, of course, brings some negative press around the casino.

Developers of the stature of this company are often unscathed. Nevertheless, if you want to look for the best casino out there sporting the devs’ products, we strongly recommend that you look into several key features:

  • Is the casino regulated by an established jurisdiction?
  • Have there been complaints in the form of a lawsuit?
  • Is your casino compliant with regulatory bodies?

Security & Reliability at the Best Operators

You can entrust an operator using this software to securely handle your money and personal data. Of course, the highest stature the operator has in the industry, the better, as you will also be able to dig into the past of the company.

However, Microgaming, in terms of a platform facilitating online gaming, is quite prepared to pick a fair bit of the slack. The money will never be left stuck. You can rely on instant deposit after you have confirmed your identity as well as have a quick delivery to your bank account when withdrawing.

Going Mobile, Gaming Anywhere

One of the most noteworthy features Microgaming has been able to incorporate in its offer is the mobile-friendly games and websites. It’s thanks to the conscious involvement of the developers in the segment that the operators who utilize this software are quite capable to offer the most reliable and practical way of gaming to you, the customer.

Of course, apps should be ultimately created by the best operators themselves, but Microgaming has facilitated the process immensely. With a generous portfolio of products, daily and weekly quests, and numerous promotions, this is a developer that takes pains to provide you with the best experience possible regardless whether you play for real money or just tinker around with the demo versions.

Why Microgaming are Top Developers

We have largely covered some of the most remarkable features of the casino. Still, what makes Microgaming among the best in what they have chosen to do is not so much the impressive portfolio as it’s the attention to detail.

In the mobile segment, the company has decided to utilize HTML5 technology to bring more iOS devices onboard and extend all its backdated games to Apple users, which has been a great success among users.

In addition, the operators run the so-called Microgaming Poker Network available in 22 languages and covering a number of poker iterations to the great content of your fellow gamers.

All of this comes with the utmost scrutiny for security. The developers are aware that the best casinos are often targeted by ill-meaning parties who are trying to pry away personal data. Something the developers have been successfully handling through their impregnable software offer.

Microgaming’s Portfolio

The Microgaming Poker Network is not the only merit of a software developer with over 700 titles currently on the market. You have a vast variety of options when it comes to picking your game. What should embolden you in plunging into the gaming action is that The software has been eCORGA certified, meaning that the company is screened from exterior auditors for paying out fair rates to its customers.

Beyond poker, however, the devs have invested copiously in all staple products of the gaming industry, including skill-based and highly-competitive card games as Baccarat and Blackjack through the more chancy, but still strategic roulette.

Slots certainly play a huge part in the devs offer. They have in turn doted on them affectionately, producing a fair number of memorable titles that have become a byword for the company itself. We take a quick glance here.

    • Mega Moolah

Talking about slots, we ought to mention the progressive jackpot games. The software whizzes from Micro seem to be the right group of people who manage to balance between a captivating gaming experience and substantial return in terms of money for both casinos and you.

A five-reeler with 25 pay lines, the game is definitely rather simple, but it offers one of the most substantial progressive jackpots. In other words, the money people wager across operators are pooled in the same place, and the winner literally takes all.

screenshot microgaming mega moolahPictured: Spinning the reelers in Mega Moolah.

    • Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck is steeped in Norse mythology which is a recurrent topic among developers. With a great Valkyrie bonus granting you 10 free spins and a 5x multiplier, you will definitely be tempted to check this Nordic saga out.

Naturally, there are more bonuses named after deities themselves, including the Thor treat which becomes available as soon as you have been to the Great Hall of Spins 15 times. The bonus grants you 25 free spins, and it is quite understandable why Microgaming’s portfolio is considered as one of the most generous.

screenshot microgaming thunderstruck iiPictured: Thunderstruck II.

Ways to Score Microgaming Bonuses

Thankfully, promotions and welcome bargains run around the clock and throughout the year. You will be able to pick from any number of treats. It’s ultimately down to the single operator to adjust their offer and to determine the conditions under which you can score some extra currency.

The majority of Microgaming welcome bundles are definitely worth it. However, it may still be a better idea to invest only a fraction into what you wish you would. In other words, if you are hoping that a bonus will generate a given amount of return on investment, you may want to consider. Knowing what to expect, on the other hand, is a far better advisor when it comes to signing up for bonuses.

Beyond the welcome packages, we have yet to see a bad Microgaming promotion or a weekly special. How to get them? Just read the wagering provisos and sign right up!

What Microgaming Offers

A brilliant developer with a number of options, all Micro-backed products happen to be bought by the industry’s best-known companies. Secure payments, fair return rates, speedy transactions, all of this contributes to tightening the security in online gaming and turning it into a recreational hobby well worth your while.

With the versatility of the offer that transcends PC and comes just as powerful and flexible for your mobile, you will definitely want to scout out those casinos that run Microgaming as their software. Starting with the list we have provided may help.