News UK Appoints James Garmston Head of Sun Racing

  • News UK assigns James Garmston head of Sun Racing
  • Decision comes following the debacle of the joint-venture with Tabcorp
  • Garmston intends to expand sports betting clout of the brand

UK media company News UK has put a new man at the helm of the sports news brand. James Garmston will be heading the Sun Racing post.

Garmston Takes the Job at the Top

Reporting on sports is just as important for the betting industry as crunching the odds right. The information that gets to customers often sways their opinions when it comes to making an actual wager. James Garmston seems to be the right man for the job.

Known for his journalistic flair and professionalism, he’s also familiar with the ins and outs of the sports betting industry as a result of his stint at where he worked as Chief Executives since 2011 before switching to Sun Racing.

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Garmston’s experience prior to his joining of included a number of respected institutions, both journalistic and focusing on sports betting, including:

  • The Pres Association Sport agency
  • Institute of Physics

Garmston is also expected to help resuscitate the operations of News UK, after their gambling brand – Sun Bets, came to a ruin in the 12 months prior to Garmston’s appointment. Looking into Sun Bets up closely, the brand was launched back in 2016, borrowing its name from News UK’s sport brand The Sun and teaming up with Tabcorp to create a joint venture. On the occasion of creating the partnership, Tabcorp stated:

This partnership provides us with the opportunity to create a leading online bookmaker in the UK market under the Sun Bets brand over the coming years and fits with our strategy of pursuing close-to-core international opportunities.

At the time, the news was welcomed by News UK CEO Rebekah Brooks who said that the joint venture “marked a pivotal moment in the digital transformation of the company”.

However, Tabcorp decided to pull their support and investment from the company in June, 2018, a move that was worth nearly $50 million.

Garmston Excited at the Opportunity

Speaking to EGR, Garmston has expressed his excitement to help The Sun brand further develop their brand and help reverse the unfortunes of the past attempts to create a stable betting brand.

Many businesses today come short of the mark, as customers become cleverer when placing a bet. Some prefer to play on sure games which means that they generate a modicum of profit, but nevertheless continue to drain the finances of up-and-coming betting businesses.

Major brands usually manage to secure funding by amassing a steadfast following. Garmston’s intention seems to have the brand’s awareness in mind.

Building a brand from scratch would be difficult. News UK has made no official statements, bar the appointment of Garmston, about whether the company will actively seek to break into the sports betting segment again. Judging by Garmston’s own account, this is a distinct possibility.

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