First Arab Casino Set to Launch in 2027

First Arab Casino Set to Launch in 2027

Wynn is spreading its business to the Middle East. The next project of the gaming company is the Al Marjan Casino Resort, which is set to be constructed on the artificial island of the same name in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). When launched, it’s going to become the first-ever gambling establishment in an Arab country.

So, when will it happen? As per the company itself, the casino resort could be launched as early as 2027. With an estimated cost of just under $4 billion, the Al Marjan Casino Resort is going to be one of the most luxurious casino venues in the world. And judging by the recently released concept images, the complex is going to look amazing!

Wynn’s Newest Al Marjan Casino Resort Gets Its First Concept Images

Although the details about the project still remain scarce, Wynn has recently released some concept images of the casino resort. The idea is for it to resemble Vegas-style casinos, with a huge hotel tower being the focal point of the complex.

The building is meant to have more than 1,500 rooms, with a huge gaming area, along with a spa center, a shopping center, and other luxury amenities.

The CEO of Wynn, Craig Billings, praised the development team for coming up with a unique idea, never to be seen anywhere else in the world. According to him, this is going to be one of the company’s most ambitious projects ever, which he believes is going to surpass all expectations.

Although situated in a part of the world that’s been traditionally very anti-gambling, the new Wynn casino resort is poised for huge success. The thing is that Al Marjan Island is already a tourist hub visited by millions every year.

The artificial island is already packed with high-end hotels and Wynn’s casino resort is going to be the cherry on the top.

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