William Hill Launches “Nobody Harmed by Gambling” Campaign

Popular online bookmaker William Hill has announced its new corporate objective that is aimed at eradicating problem gambling in the United Kingdom. “Nobody Harmed By Gambling” is a campaign that will make social responsibility one of the main focuses of the company’s day-to-day operations.

William Hill recognizes that there is a responsibility that comes with being one of the larger bookmakers in the country to look after its players and ensure that they are not harmed by the activities that the company provides. After analysing its data, the betting operator has decided do something about the rising threat of problem gambling across the country.

How William Hill Plans to Help

William Hill will be taking a good, hard look at how its products are designed in an attempt to change the way that at-risk players interact with them. They will be changing the way their products are advertised and how the company communicates with players to help them stay in control of their gambling habits.

There are nine core commitments involved in the Nobody Harmed by Gambling campaign. They are outlined as follows:

  • Develop tools to help at risk players
  • Provide players with more data to help them make better choices
  • Set up training with responsible gambling experts
  • Develop a program for employees to work with problem gambling organisations
  • Create a Responsible Gambling Innovation Fund
  • Develop indicators of responsible gambling
  • Crowdsource new ideas from experts
  • Encourage industry-wide adoption of responsible gambling tools
  • Promote change in how gambling is advertised

With so many steps involved, it will certainly be a long road ahead for William Hill in its mission to eliminate problem gambling in the UK. However, it is an admirable goal, and other gaming operators should take note of William Hill’s commitment to its players’ safety.

Problem Gambling in the UK

In the United Kingdom, there are over two million people who are either at-risk or problem gamblers. A report from the Gambling Commission notes that problem gambling rates have risen by more than a third among individuals over the age of 16, with increasing rates of addiction among players who wager on fixed-odds betting terminals.

Over the years, GambleAware, the country’s leading gambling charity, has request an increase in funding for problem gambling treatment, but little has been done to help this cause. By stepping forward with its “Nobody Harmed by Gambling Campaign”, William Hill is taking initiative and helping out organisations like GambleAware in their effort to help minimise problem gambling rates and prevent players from developing unhealthy habits in the future.


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