Casino Classic with Washington’s Center for Leadership

Students at the Central Washington University.

The Center for Leadership and Community Engagement partnered with Ellensburg Adult Activity Center to host the first Casino Classic meet-up, featuring a number of mind-stimulating casino games. The inaugural event looked up volunteers eager to give classic treats, such as Texas Hold’em and Blackjack, a go.

Casino Classic Full with Top Games

The Center for Leadership and Community Engagement (CLCE), part of the Central Washington University, set out to host a rather amusing evening featuring table-top favorites such as Blackjack and Texas Hold’em. The focus of the meeting was clearly casino games, with the entire pow-wow hosted under the name of “Casino Classic”. Known for its strong sports leadership initiatives, the CWU engaged in something slightly different this time.

The event attracted a number of volunteers and the CLCE collaborated with Ellensburg Adult Activity Center to ensure that everything organization-wise would be up to the adequate standard. The partners were kind enough to provide transportation and lunch to volunteers and participants who dabbled in various casino games to their hearts’ content.

The event turned out to be a success, demonstrating the merits of CLCE’s strong social & volunteer program, which relies on volunteers to undertake and carry out important social causes. The current slogan of the CWI’s Center for Leadership is “ordinary people making an extraordinary difference”.

Boosting and Developing Leadership

The project is intended to boost and develop leadership flair and help students muster up the courage to assume responsibilities that can have potential life-changing implications. Ultimately, the CWU strives to introduce positive social change, relying on several key tenets, which the organization holds in the highest esteem. CWU believes that leadership potential exists in every individual and the purpose of the CLCE is to bring it out in every participant.

By relying on bringing people from different cultures and backgrounds together, the CLCE helps foster innovative ideas and allows all participants to reach creative solutions that are recognized and rewarded. CLCE and CWU establish a “shared leadership style”, which drives productive results worth display.

Casino Classic concluded on October 26, 2018, introducing volunteers and participants to a series of stimulating and challenging games that entailed a good level of skill and a fair bit of chance. Though the choice of casino games may appear strange to the casual observer, CWU believes that diversity is key and that all stimulating activities should be embraced and pursued.

The problems inherent to gambling activities are not to be snubbed and CWU has demonstrated that there are merits to games that are generally shunned based on bias. Blackjack and Texas Hold’em are two skill-based titles allowing individuals to challenge themselves intellectually and keep their minds sharp.

It has been an unusual choice of activity, but Casino Classic’s evening has proven a success and no less.

George Hansen

Taking a liking to the occasional bout of slots, George used to moonlight as a roulette dealer, giving him a unique perspective into the casino world. From there he continued his journalist education and has been with us ever since a star-aligned graduation brought him and our team together.

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