Borgata to Develop $11m Betting Lounge in Atlantic City

  • Borgata develops new $11m sports betting lounge in Atlantic City
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) Marcus Glover welcomes the move
  • Borgata was the first property in New Jersey to accept sports wagers after PASPA’s defeat in May, 2018

Borgata Hotel Casino Resort & Spa will cough up $11 million for a new on-site sport betting facility, making a committed rush into the newly-regulated segment.

Borgata Enters the Sports Betting Race with $11m Upfront

New Jersey defeated the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 in May, 2018. Since then, sports betting has been steadily gaining traction around the United States. While not all states are on track to get their own legalized industries, many are already joining.

Pennsylvania Grants First Sports Betting Licenses

Located in Atlantic City, NJ, Borgata benefits from the mild local regulatory climate and the high demand for sports betting opportunities. The future betting lounge, however, will not rely exclusively on individuals’ taste for placing wagers.

The facility will feature a bar as well as other amenities designed to accommodate the casual and committed punter. On the occasion of the announcement, Borgata president and Chief Operating Officer (COO), Marcus Glover, commented:

Since Borgata arrived in the Atlantic City market more than 15 years ago, we have maintained a steadfast dedication to property growth and development, with our new concept exemplifying this objective

Mr. Glover lauded the efforts of Borgata for having stayed “at the forefront of legalized sports betting in New Jersey”. The latest development plan, according the official press release, was an attempt to advance the company’s product with “an innovative gaming and entertainment experience”.

Borgata Makes History with Mobile Betting

In July, 2018, Borgata became the first casino to take a legal sports wager following the resounding success in the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS), doing away with the federal betting ban PASPA. Following the approval of Governor Phil Murphy, Borgata seized the opportunity to make history.

Borgata also launched playMGM, the mobile betting platform to arrive after the freshly-regulated market. The platform was launched with the help of GVC Holdings, another giant on the U.S. sports betting market looking to gain more traction.

The solution offers much of what can be found on branded website casinos, including quick banking options, such as deposits and withdrawals.

Borgata draws on the MGM International’s experience in the sector, with MGM having been involved in various sports betting initiatives in the past 25 years, specifically in Nevada. According to the official data released in the press release, MGM sports wagers in Nevada alone reach 4 million placed units yearly and the sports handle reaches north of $1 billion. MGM has ongoing partnerships the NBA and WNBA, NHL, MLB, as well as the New York Jets.

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Caesars and Oneida Indian Nation Partner in New York

  • Caesars and Oneida Indian Nation team up for sports betting in New York
  • New York held a referendum on betting in 2013
  • Senator Joe Addabbo is the man to watch for in 2019

Caesars Entertainment has tied up a successful partnership with Oneida Indian Nation, a tribal operator. This is an important stepping stone for the future development of the sports betting industry, paving the way for co-existence between competitive casino brands and native operators.

Caesars Entertainment and Oneida Indian Nation Develop Sports Betting

Renowned casino operator Caesars Entertainment and Oneida Indian Nation will be working together to introduce sports betting in three casinos across New York. In anticipation of the move, the pair is hoping that the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) and lawmakers will vote in favor of legislation that will bring sports betting to the region. If all goes according to plan, Caesars will be present at three properties, including:

  • Turning Stone Resort Casino
  • Yellow Brick Road Casino
  • Point Place Casino

All casinos are located close to Syracuse, which is one of the most populous cities in the state, allowing themselves a quick access to potentially huge crowds of gamers eager to place legal wagers. Regulation in New York is still being discussed, but the partnership is a clear indication that top brands have enough reasons to believe in the favorable development of the situation.

We are eagerly awaiting the NIGC’s review of this innovative new partnership involving a licensing and branding arrangement – Christian Stuart, Caesars’ VP of Gaming

Christian Stuart has embraced the idea of rolling out the casino’s operations in New York and at the designated locations, predicting a strong growth and expansion of the market in the state.

New York’s attempts to pass a working sports betting bill have been bolstered by Senator John Bonacic who nevertheless failed to see the legislation through. Mr. Bonacic is now also no longer a senator, leaving Senator Joe Addabbo in his stead.

We are eagerly awaiting the National Indian Gaming Commission’s review of this innovative new partnership involving a licensing and branding arrangement. – Stuart

As head of the Committee on Racing, Gaming and Wagering, Mr. Addabbo, has also said that he would seek to continue the efforts for the legalization of the sports betting industry in the state. Several commercial casinos have partnered with various iGaming operators who also offer sports betting in anticipation of the potential legalization.

DOJ Could Consider Flip-Flopping on Its 2011 Decision

In 2019, lawmakers will have to come together and make a decision about the future of the state’s betting industry. Despite the strong commitment from operators and companies, and even legislators, there’s still a lot to be desired. New York’s sports bills have been shot one after another, leaving the state in limbo.

However, the state does have four commercial properties that have been offering sports betting since around 2013 when the state’s residents voted during a referendum to legalize the industry. A lot of work needs to be done to see the full-scale launch of sports betting, but all of this is possible in the months to come.

The man at the helm, Mr. Addabbo, is now responsible for spearheading the activity.

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MLB Inks US, Japan Gambling Deal With MGM

MGM Resorts International has recently entered into a new partnership and endorsement of the Major League Baseball, a move that is expected to significantly improve its sportsbook game. The partnership deal between the two will encompass gambling rights between in both the United States and Japan and will see MGM Resorts International become the official sponsor of the NBA, the MLB, and WNBA as well as the NHL. With all these partnerships, MGM Resorts International now boasts of official sponsorships of three out of the five major sports leagues in the US. As it stands, the only pro sports league that has been left out is the National Football League but even they have given their individual teams the liberty to choose to get sponsorships.

However, of all the professional sports leagues in the United States, the Major League Baseball has been the most vocal when it comes to the issues of sports betting challenging the integrity of sporting activities. This is very understandable considering the fact the MLB has been the scene of two of the biggest gambling scandals in US history – they naturally have to be wary. As such, when inking the sponsorship with MGM, the league was very open about its plans to ensure the integrity of the sports, something that they hope to achieve by asking MGM to include additional integrity management measures into the sponsorship deal.

What the Deal Entails

As per the terms of the agreement, MGM Resorts International will be allowed to promote itself with the MLB network and the MLB teams. In addition to that, the gambling operator will also be allowed to set up shops at stadiums as well as MGM properties which promote baseball and demonstrate baseball technique. To facilitate most of these plans, the company has plans of launching small pop-up sites that will be offering pitching techniques, batting practice, baserunning practice as well as practice with other important fundamentals of the game.

MGM Resorts will also be running its commercials on the MLB network and the MLB’s At Batt app while branding itself as the MLB’s authorized gaming company. The gaming company will also be highly represented at major events in the league’s events including the All-Star Game and playoffs – this will also be the same for such events as the League of Championships, the Division Series, and the World Series.

One thing that is hard to dismiss is the fact that the new deal with the MLB effectively gives MGM Resorts International a near monopoly on league sponsorships in the United States. In fact, the company has reportedly been in talks with some NFL teams and we should, therefore, expect news of newer partnerships or sponsorships in the near future.

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Grant is the self-professed casino madman and reporter that brought this eclectic team of dedicated and talented writers together from around the world to proudly build an humble empire of authentic casino news.

Rhode Islands Gets $683,000 in First Week of Sports Betting

  • Rhode Island rakes in $683,000 in first week of sports betting
  • The states expects a strong turnout in December
  • 5 more states consider sports betting in 2019

Rhode Island cashed in on its first week of sports betting, with the state’s gamers contributing a total of $683,000 in wagers. The Rhode Island Lottery has fleshed out the details on Friday, December 28. The numbers concern the Twin River Casino in Lincoln for November.

The U.S. Smallest State Rakes in $700,000 in Sports Wagers

Rhode Island, the U.S. state has managed to handle a hefty $683,000 in sports wagers during the first week of its sports betting operations with the numbers announced this Friday by the Rhode Island Lottery Commission

Twin River Casino is the only approved property so far taking wagers on sports events’ outcomes in New England. With the activity hitting off on November 26, the figures cover a 5-day spread. While some see signs of strength others don’t entirely rule out the possibility of a hype build-up, which may tumble in the months to com.

Nevertheless, a total handle of nearly $700,000 a week is sufficient to chart a future in which the casino handles around $3 million a month. Breaking down the total handle, $610,000 was paid back to customers with the Twin River Casino cashing in estimated $73,000 in revenue.

Twin River Casino is located in a good spot, ready to take customers from neighbouring Massachusetts.

Legal Betting and the Way Ahead for the Industry in 2019

Following the legalization of Rhode Island’s sports betting, much is about to change in the U.S. betting landscape in 2019. With the small state managing to push through with its own legal bills, other states are now expecting to legalize their activities. The wait list is not too long in any event:

  • Michigan
  • Connecticut
  • New York
  • Arkansas
  • District of Columbia

In each case, these states are edging closer to getting their sports betting activities legalized in 2019, though not all of them have obtained the clear go-ahead. Arkansas is in fact the only sure state that will launch its own activities by mid-2019, as voters supported the idea during the mid-terms.

Michigan did a last-moment push for the legalization of the activity, but the suggestion was shot down by Governor Rick Snyder, after having cleared both houses. Debates will continue well into 2019.

Meanwhile, New York has had several betting bills since 2013. In 2018 alone, several more were spearheaded but apparently couldn’t make the cut. Connecticut is in a similar pickle not quite able to push through the lawmakers that oppose the legalization of the activity.

A Galloping Sports Betting Industry

In 2019, the U.S. sports betting market is expected to add a handful of other states, potentially reaching an overall of 12. This is close to the forecasts for 2030 when no more than 20 states are expected to have official sports betting activities.

This excludes Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and electronic sports (esports) are not included in the restrictions that states usually levy against mainstream sports. However, they are operating in a dangerous loop hole.

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Gambling Addiction Clinic To Open in Northern England

Gambling addiction or problem gambling has been one of the most significant emerging issues in as far as gambling is concerned. With more and more gambling facilities and platforms being introduced and becoming even more accessible, regulators and various authorities have begun to look deeper into the issue of problem gambling which means that there is still hope for people with the problem. One of the most recent developments in this regard is the decision by the United Kingdom’s National Health Service to open a clinic that will be treating people who have gambling addictions in the north of England making it the very first clinic of its kind outside London.

This new clinic is set to be opened in before the summer of 2019 and was made possible by a $1.5 million grant from a charity which happens to be funded by GambleAware. This is particularly great for people outside London since, as it stands, gambling addicts must travel to south London to get treatment. The problem gambling clinic will be called the NHS Northern Gambling Clinic and it will be run with a partnership of the GamCare network and the NHS Foundation.

Among the services that the clinic will be providing will be mental health counseling as well as social services for the gambling addicts – researches have found that people with gambling disorders need help with a number of different problems including debt, bankruptcy, crime, drug use, suicide, and even job loss. In essence, the goal of the clinic is to not only help the gambling addicts break their addiction but also give them the necessary psychological treatment and counseling so that they are able to get back on their feet financially. All these will be complemented with group therapy sessions which will help the patients to open up about some of the issues that they face.

United Kingdom’s Gambling Statistics

Gamblers in the United Kingdom have so many options and a number of critics have pointed out that the availability of gambling products is part of the problem. Gamblers area able to wager online or at land-based facilities for almost all of their favorite sporting activities. The same goes for online casino and online poker games.

Research shows that almost two million in the United Kingdom are problem gamblers and nearly 400,00 of them are said to be gambling addicts. However, the government has been allegedly ignoring the issue of problem gambling because of the money that gambling brings into the coffers of the country. However, there have some moves by the British government to regulate the gambling industry further in the hopes that they would be able to deal with the issue.

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Orrin Hatch and Chuck Schumer Deliver the Integrity Act

Senators Orrin Hatch for the GOP and Chuck Schumer for the Democrats have dropped a bi-partisan sports betting integrity bill, looking to establish common minimum standards for the entire industry.

The Hatch-Schumer Integrity Bill for Sports Betting

After the repeal of PASPA, talks have begun for the legalization of sports betting en masse. Since then, a number of states have adopted the activity, with others working to pass their own pieces of legislation. Most recently, the District of Columbia has advanced a bill to help sports betting establish a foothold in Washington, D.C. The states to have passed sports betting successfully and to be operating their shops or anticipating inaugural day are:

  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • Delaware
  • West Virginia
  • Mississippi
  • Pennsylvania

The Sports Wagering Market Integrity Act of 2018 co-authored by Senators Orrin Hatch and Chuck Schumer will seek to make the first step towards ensuring that sports betting is held to the highest integrity standards.

In Mr. Hatch’s own words, as a result of the discussions he had with sporting bodies and Senate colleagues, including Mr. Schumer, he has been able to introduce a comprehensive bill addressing complex issues while defending the interests of stakeholders.

Congressional Hearing on Sports Betting Held

The new bill introduces a number of provisions that have been designed to establish a national legislation that will oversee sports betting in certain aspects. Based on the provisions of the document, though, these are not intended to stifle competition or bring states & businesses under the thumb of the federal government.

Rather, they are well-intended measures to avoid certain complications that may arise as a direct consequence of the industry, particularly targeting illegal activities:

  • Update existing casino anti-money laundering laws to include sports wagering operators;
  • Provide a process whereby states may compact with each other to permits interstate sports wagering;
  • Establish recordkeeping and suspicious transaction reporting requirements;

The measures will equally focus on protecting customers from coming in the way of gambling harm, with provisions that address the problem directly:

  • Establish a national self-exclusion list;
  • Prohibit sports wagering by individuals younger than 21; athletes, coaches, officials, and others associated with sports organizations;
  • Put in place a variety of consumer protections, including disclosure, advertising, and reserve requirements;

All of the bill’s provisions strike as well-thought-out, but the snag is that Mr. Hatch, the GOP’s champion is retiring, with Mr. Schumer from the Democratic Party remaining stuck in a Senate filled with Republicans.

Sporting Bodies Approve of the Bill

Sporting bodies have long used to talk about integrity fees as a way to safeguard customers and heighten social responsibility. They have since desisted, as the proposed notion of these fees was too vague to merit further consideration.

Without continued federal guidance and oversight, we are very concerned that sports leagues and state governments alone will not be able to fully protect the integrity of sporting contests and guard against the harms Congress has long recognized as being associated with sports betting. -NFL VP Jocelyn Moore

However, on the occasion of having a centralized oversight on sports betting, many leagues have pitched in, supporting the idea. NFL VP Jocelyn Moore said that the protection of customers was paramount and having a bill guaranteeing that was essential to staving off fraud and harm.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) also released a statement expressing their support of the proposed changes. However, against the likes of a belligerent Congress and the American Gaming Association (AGA) which has described centralized oversight of the industry as a complete “non-starter”, chances for the odds passing of the bill are slim indeed.

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Delaware’s Sports Betting Results Strong in November

Delaware’s sports betting market has ended November on a strong note, managing to build up momentum ahead of the Christmas holidays and multiply its results significantly.

Delaware’s November Results Go Up

The Delaware legal sports betting industry marked one of its strongest months, with the activities increasing by 151% compared to a month before. The total sports handle went up to $16.4 million, or 11% increase over the period. As to the state itself, Delaware managed to process $1.3 million in pure profits for itself.

  • Delaware won $1.3 million in November
  • The Delaware Park was the main betting venue with 75% of all proceedings
  • By the end of November, the state had won $6.8 million
  • Players won $63.2 million back out of $71 million wagered

Although the proceedings were not evenly spread between venues, the results were still buoyant. Delaware Park drove the majority of the results, with the revenue there hitting $805,285, or 72% of all funds. Delaware Park also saw the majority of wagers placed there as well with 217,776 of all placed bets over the period. In total, there were almost 339,000 stakes by the end of November.

Kansans Debates the Legalization of Sports Betting

So far, Delaware has been joying steady operational results, with the state managing to amass the respectable $6.8 million for itself in terms of profits. Betting only started at the end of June, a month after PASPA was repealed by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

When the activity became legal on June 24, 2018, the total betting handle wagered over the first seven days reached $7 million, the Delaware Lottery Commission reported at the time.

Understandably, the success of places such as Delaware, which have a fairly modest following of gamers and bettors, has inspired more states who are now looking to carve out a piece of the market for themselves by passing bills at home. Presently, several U.S. states are at one stage or another of debating or passing sports betting legislation, including:

  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • Washington, D.C which just voted on a bill successfully

Since June, the numbers have been fluctuating, but they have generally kept see-sawing between $14 million and $16 millions in terms of total handle. While the market has its natural restrictions, the state has done an excellent job of cultivating a healthy gaming environment for its betting & gaming enthusiasts.

Delaware’s iGaming Sector in November Slows Down

In terms of overall sports betting, players had committed nearly $71 millions by the end of November, and they won back $63.2 million over the period back. While the sports vertical continued to demonstrate healthy results, online gaming has stagnated.

The results for November put the revenue at $209,235, which was almost unchanged than last year’s results. Unlike other states, where video slots have propped up the bulk of revenue, Delaware owes its own success to video lottery products. Table games generated $68,000 and lastly, online poker rake fees and tournament buy-ins added another $17,894.

The state presently only operates three iGaming venues, particularly because demand for iGaming products seems to be rather low:

  • Dover Downs
  • Harrington Raceway
  • Delaware Park

While Dover Downs managed to collect the bulk of all revenue, Delaware Park saw a significant dip in iGaming interest, with results dropping by half their 2017 levels. In November, nearly 500 new gamers registered their gaming accounts in the state.

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New Jersey Chases Bigger Sports Handle in November

Photo Credit: Courtesy of

New Jersey is inching closer to $1bn in total handle since it launched sports betting. An impressive number in itself, the state has come a long way since the activity was introduced officially back in June 14, 2018.

New Jersey Close to the $1bn Threshold

Since it opened to sports betting, New Jersey has been a leader in the United States. Customers from the state have been disbursing generous amounts, wagering a total of almost $331 million in November alone, with the total handle now soaring all the way to $928.1 million, similar to the gambling revenue in the state back in October. At this pace, the $1-billion threshold is not too far around the corner, although the numbers could slow down during the Christmas holidays.

According to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE), the total amount of bets went up nearly 27% in November, compared to a month before that. In October, the handle stood at $260.7 million, an impressive amount eclipsing neighboring states in full.

NJ sports betting and casino results.
Monthly comparison of gaming and sports betting results by New Jersey.

In November, the gross revenue stood at $21.2 million, doubling the previous handle for October. September was still by far the most successful month for the state, though, with the handle standing at $23.9 million and surpassing both October and November.

Digital betting stood high in November as well, with 72.1% of all bets placed using a device rather than going to a bookmaker in person. Speaking of bookmakers, DraftKings led all competitors with a total revenue of $7.2 million in November, which outpaced the previous results by almost a 7-percent margin.

The DraftKings Rises

DraftKings‘ revenue is impressive as it accounts for a third of the state’s total, which make it the most grossing bookmakers in New Jersey and the United States. However, the company is being quickly caught up on by William Hill and Ocean Resort, which doubled their own revenue.

November was a history making month for the FanDuel Sportsbook. We doubled revenue versus October and we were the first legal sports betting operator in the United States to pay out future wagers early on Alabama winning the college football national championship. -FanDuel

FanDuel came the closest to challenging DraftKings’ own results, with the bookmaker hitting $7 million, again – double from the October handle ($3.5 million). DraftKings is far from done with expanding its offer. A newly-minted partnership at Resorts Casino in November will also contribute for the good performance of the operator.

FanDuel is also quite happy with the achievements, as the company called it a groundbreaking month. Other companies also had a good go at it, with a number of companies improving on their results, and a few turning a loss:

  • Borgata: $877,835
  • Resorts: $158,332
  • Golden Nugget: $130,874
  • Tropicana: $108,751
  • Bally’s: -$26,557
  • Harrah’s: -$124,260

SugarHouse Sports Book also posted quite the significant sum with the amount reaching $1,521,295 whereas playMGM and 888 Sportsbook have been posting rather more modest amounts. However, this has been a first month for SugarHouse under the Monmouth licenses following the cession with Golden Nugget.

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“Magic Malik”—as we like to call him—is not only a tech whiz but a wizard when it comes to getting obscure news hot off the press so we know exactly what’s happening and can explore and report it back to our growing and loyal readerbase.

Kansans Debates the Legalization of Sports Betting

Kansas may well become the next state to legalize sports betting in the United States. Legal hurdles need to be cleared, of course, and this has already begun, with Kansas lawmakers convening from December 4 through December 6 to discuss a potential bill.

Kansans Talks Sports Betting

Kansas lawmakers will discuss from December 4 through December 6 whether a sports betting bill should make it to the House of Representatives and be voted as part of the 2019 legislative sessions. Talks about the state adopting its own legalized industry have been ongoing, with most observers expecting the talks to take place early next year. Kansans, though, has sped things along.

The Special Committee on Federal and State Affairs has invited a number of regulators, legal experts and all third-parties that have business or show interest in the segment. The committee’s primary objective is to evaluate the consequences of stripping the federal ban known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

The meeting seems to be taking place in the spirit of objectivity, with Dodge City Bud Estes, the state senator, ensuring that it’s his highest priority to ensure that everyone involved gets a clear read of the situation and makes a decision based on the facts.

If the bill is given the go-ahead, it will be drafted and submitted to the House of Representatives ahead of the upcoming session due on January 14, 2019. Many noteworthy individuals have appeared to share their opinions and back them with facts, including National Conference of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) president and Ohio senator William Colley.

Kansas is not exactly new to the idea of gambling, with 9 state venues already catering to gambling enthusiasts. The state also has active horse & dog racing competitions as well as pari-mutuel wagering on both activities, allowed only on the premises of specifically earmarked venues.

Additional support came from Laura Kelly who has thrown her support behind the pro-legalization campaign, although she has not been active during the hearing.

Kansas’ Pre-emptive Legalization Attempts

Kannsas did try to legalize part of its gambling activities and give them a broader reach just weeks before PASPA was finally struck down by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

A bill called HB2792 was submitted by Rep. Jan Kessinger to the Committee on Federal and State Affairs, but it didn’t garner the necessary support, petering out in the end. Should the bill have been successful, it would have allowed sports betting to take place in full on the territory of Kansas and possibly have made the state the first one to adapt to the newly-struck ban.

Nevertheless, the fact that Kansas is actively looking to legalize the activity is reassuring, as 20 states are expected to fail to enact any measures until 2030 in the very least.

A decision will be reached in less than two days and for the time being, sports betting seems very likely to be set in motion in Kansas. Even if a delay occurs, the state is likely to catch up next year.

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The Stars Group Cleared for Sky Bet Takeover

In April, The Stars Group (TSG) announced its plans to acquire Sky Bet (SBG) for a whopping $4.7 billion. Due to the large sum of money being exchanged and the size of both companies involved, the UK Competitions & Markets authority put the deal on hold – but the deal has now been given the go-ahead.

A Good Thing for Customers

Three months after the deal was announced, the CMA issued an enforcement order to freeze the integration process. The authority’s goal was to investigate the acquisition and ensure the deal would not put players at a disadvantage in any way.

After months of looking into the issue, the CMA has decided that the coming together of both companies would be a good thing for customers.  The Stars Group will benefit from SkyBet’s global brand portfolio, and be able to offer its products on a larger scale. Since the United Kingdom is the world’s largest regulated sports betting market, The Stars Group’s products will have an increased presence in a country where the local government supports the growth of the online gaming industry.

SBG is also known for its innovative casino and sportsbook products, as well as its wide range of popular mobile apps. Now, The Stars Group will be able to offer these items to its own players, providing them with greater range of high-quality gaming products.

The Stars Group already operates Bet Stars, a popular online sportsbook – but it still doesn’t have the same kind of reach or reputation as Sky Bet. Now Sky Bet is part of the Stars Group, the company will not only have access to its larger player pool but also its innovative technology and gaming platforms that have been responsible for SkyBet’s impressive reputation.

Players are sure to benefit from this acquisition, as they will have access to better technology and more innovative gaming experiences. As such, the CMA was certainly correct in its decision to approve the deal.

Sports Betting Expansion

The acquisition of Sky Bet will also help The Stars Group in the American sports betting market. Now that states have been cleared to legalize wagering on sports, TSG will be one of the more attractive operators.

In states like New Jersey, betting licenses are only offered to local casinos. However, since these venues don’t have experience offering sports betting products to players, they have to team up with other operators that have been in the market for quite some time. With SkyBet’s technology under its belt, The Stars Group will become a popular choice among American casino operators who are looking to team up with an experience sports betting company.

Grant Mahon

Grant is the self-professed casino madman and reporter that brought this eclectic team of dedicated and talented writers together from around the world to proudly build an humble empire of authentic casino news.

Congressional Hearing on Sports Betting Held

Just a few months ago, the American federal government legalized sports betting by overturning PASAPA (the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992). Since then, we have seen many states begin offering sports betting services to their residents, several international operators make their way into the market and a few sports league announce betting partnerships.

Now that we know there is huge potential for growth in the American sports betting market, it’s time to determine the best way forward. To ensure that we go about this in the right way, the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations, held a hearing to find out what various industry professionals think of the newly legalized sports betting industry.

Perspectives from Both Sides

The hearing was quite balanced, hearing from a number of industry professionals from different areas. Pro gambling campaigners, anti-gambling activists and executives in the sporting world were all present to make their voices heard. These included:

  • Sara Slane of the American Gaming Association
  • Becky Harris of the Nevada Gaming Control Board
  • Jocelyn Moore of the NFL
  • Jon Bruning, a counsellor for Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling (CSIG)
  • Les Bernal, national director of Stop Predatory Gambling

One of the major concerns by many anti-gambling advocates was the protection of the integrity of sport. Moore’s testimony even quoted a portion of PASPA, which said:

“Sports gambling conducted pursuant to State law threatens the integrity and character of, and public confidence in, professional and amateur sports, instills inappropriate values in the Nation’s youth, misappropriates the goodwill and popularity of professional and amateur sports organizations, and dilutes and tarnishes the service marks of such organizations.”

Push for Federal Policies

Moving forward, there is the need for strict policies in placed to regulate the sports betting market. While it was argued that these are needed on a federal level, states have already started this process and have been successful so far.

New Jersey, for example, has quickly put together a sports betting framework that is working.  In fact, the state has already enacted regulations that congress is likely to consider when introducing sports betting policies.

New Jersey has been able to draw up rules and regulations that ensure gaming operators have the best interests of punters at heart while being able to generate impressive income from betting. Other states, and even congress itself, should certainly take a look at the way New Jersey is regulating its sports betting market for a great example of how it’s done. With these rules in mind, congress could certainly regulate sports betting in such a way that protects the integrity of sports.

Grant Mahon

Grant is the self-professed casino madman and reporter that brought this eclectic team of dedicated and talented writers together from around the world to proudly build an humble empire of authentic casino news.

UK Labour Party Suggests Gambling Changes

The UK Labour Party has called for a number of changes in the gambling industry. The politicians are concerned about the health impacts that gambling has on residents across the country, and wants to take steps to prevent problem gambling from spreading.

All of the recommendations follow a year-long consultation on the topic. The Labour Party worked with charities, gambling addiction experts, gaming operators and problem gamblers themselves. Their goal is to reduce the number of problem gamblers across the UK.

A Ban on Gambling Ads

Taking a cue from the Australian government, the Labour Party has suggested that gambling ads are banned during live sports broadcasts. This would also include the showing or mentioning of live odds during the game. It is suggested to be a “whistle to whistle” ban that would stop gambling operators from advertising before, during and after matches.

Lawmakers in Australia have already enacted a similar ban. Gambling operators are no longer permitted to advertise their products during matches. No ads can be shown from 5am until 8:30pm, and the ban was recently extended to online streams.

The idea behind the ban is stop people from associating sports with gambling. It allows spectators to enjoy the game without being tempted to wager on it. This is particularly important with regards to young viewers, who may grow up thinking that it is necessary to bet on sports to be a true fan.

Ban on Credit Card Betting

The Labour Party has also suggested banning the use of credit cards at casinos. Currently, up to £8.6 billion worth of online gambling transactions are made using credit cards. While it is a convenient option for punters, there is the danger that players who are already in debt could dig themselves even deeper.

Additionally, the Labour Party also wants to give players the power to stop their bank from allowing transactions to online casinos. At the moment, self-exclusion is available at gaming sites, but players also have the option of visiting a new casino if they decide that they want to play again. By allowing players to put a stop on transactions from the bank itself, they would be able to get to the root of the problem and not be able to play again so easily.

These plans have received a positive response so far, and many have said that they “hit the nail on the head”. Tackling problem gambling is an important issue, and politicians should also work harder to prevent young people from being enticed by gambling as well. The Labour Party’s recommendations could make an important impact on problem gambling rates across the country, and it is hoped that the government takes them on board.

Grant Mahon

Grant is the self-professed casino madman and reporter that brought this eclectic team of dedicated and talented writers together from around the world to proudly build an humble empire of authentic casino news.

BetStars Launches in NJ

It hasn’t been very long since American lawmakers deemed it legal for states to license and regulate sports betting services, but gaming operators are already making impressive progress in the market. Several sports betting companies have quickly made their way into states with legalized wagering, the latest being The Stars Group which has launched its BetStars products in New Jersey.

Bringing Mobile Betting to New Jersey

BetStars is working with the Resorts Casino Hotel to bring sports betting to New Jersey residents. The new BetStars app will be available online on both desktop computers and mobile devices. Only players within the state’s borders will be able to access these services.

There are plenty state-of-the-art betting services that New Jersey punters will be able to take advantage of by wagering with BetStars. In-game betting will be available, allowing players to make bets while the game is underway, and early cashouts can be made. Enhanced bonuses and betting products will be launched, as well, providing punters with plenty of extra perks.

Matt Primeaux of Stars Group says:

“We are excited to introduce BetStars to New Jersey sports fans. As one of the largest online gaming companies in the world with millions of customers worldwide, we have successfully launched BetStars in regulated markets across Europe and look forward to expanding and enhancing our New Jersey BetStars offering”.

Legalized Sports Betting in America

The federal government announced earlier this year that individual states would be able to offer sports betting products, as a decision to overturn PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act). New Jersey is just one of seven states that has quickly jumped on the betting bandwagon, working on passing laws that allow sports betting to be made available to local players. The other states are:

  • Delaware
  • Mississippi
  • West Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • New York

New Jersey is the first state to begin offering sports betting to its residents, along with Delaware. In fact, within the first month of the expansion, punters in Delaware spent over $1 million wagering on sports.

Pennsylvania is likely to be the next state to have wagering services up and running soon, and West Virginia and Mississippi hopes to have its sports betting operations up during the first few weeks of the NFL season. New York is likely to be the last of the group of legalize sports betting, as a law could be passed in early 2019 that will allow residents to wager on sports.

These seven states are just the beginning, however. It’s likely that other states will begin passing laws and launching sports betting products, once they see just how lucrative the market can be.


Grant Mahon

Grant is the self-professed casino madman and reporter that brought this eclectic team of dedicated and talented writers together from around the world to proudly build an humble empire of authentic casino news.

Dallas Cowboys Strike Up First-Ever NFL Casino Deal

The NFL is quickly coming around to the idea of embracing the legalisation of sports betting in America. Today, the Dallas Cowboys have become the first franchise to sign a deal with a casino after announcing its partnership with WinStar World Resort.

The news comes shortly after the NFL has announced its new regulations for sports sponsorships and advertisements.  After spending decades with an anti-gambling stance, the NFL has decided that it would allow for the promotion of casinos and sports books. Now, the Dallas Cowboys have quickly taken advantage of this decision and struck a landmark deal with one of the biggest casinos in Oklahoma.

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, says:

“The Dallas Cowboys take great pride in aligning themselves with the best brands in the world,” Jones said at a press conference. “It is a privilege to stand shoulder to shoulder as partners with such a prominent entertainment brand like WinStar World Casino.”

While few details have been announced about the partnership, it is likely that the deal will include a sponsorship. This means that the jerseys of the Dallas Cowboys will be redesigned to feature to logo of WinStar Casino, in addition to the venue’s branding at the team’s stadium.

There is definitely plenty of money to be made by partnering with an online gaming brand. In the European football markets, teams have made millions by agreeing to sponsorship deals with companies like Betclic and Betfair, and there is plenty for NFL teams to see the same impressive benefits.

While sports betting is still not legal in Oklahoma, the marketing continues to expand very quickly. More and more states are legalizing sports betting, and there’s no telling when Oklahoma will do the same.

A Change of Heart for the NFL

It hasn’t been very long since the NFL announced its plans to change advertising rules. On Monday, the league stated that teams across the NFL would be able to partner with casinos for sponsorship opportunities and that advertisements for gambling establishments would be permitted.

It seems as though the NFL is following in the footsteps of the NBA. The basketball league quickly embraced the legalization of sports betting in America by making MGM its official gambling partner.

It will be interesting to see if any other leagues come forward to show their interest in the sports betting market. The NHL and MLB have yet to comment on the recent developments but we imagine that it won’t be long before other major leagues begin preparing for the sports betting boom that is bound to take place across America.

Grant Mahon

Grant is the self-professed casino madman and reporter that brought this eclectic team of dedicated and talented writers together from around the world to proudly build an humble empire of authentic casino news.

NBA, MGM and GVC Join Forces in Sports Betting Market

The sports betting market has seen some major developments this week. In addition to MGM and GVC entering into a $200 million joint venture, NBA has entered into the mix by naming MGM as its official gaming partner.

Bringing International Operators into the US Market

To start out the week, MGM and GVC (operator of leading UK betting brands, Ladbrokes and Coral) announced that they would each be contributing $100 million to a joint venture. Together, the two companies aim to develop innovative sports betting products for players across the United States.

Currently, sports betting licenses are only available to casino operators that are located within the United States. The market is not open to international operators, but MGM has welcomed the first UK betting operator into the country. They will be working together to develop a sports betting platform that will be available to players in states where sports betting becomes legal. Reports state that here is a 25-year commitment as part of the deal. After ten years of working together, MGM and GVC will have the option of buying the other one.

Sports betting will be brand new to American gaming operators, so they will certainly need help from companies that have experience in the market. This is why it is important for local brands to team up with international companies, as they will be able to offer insight about creating successful sports betting platforms that will attract American players.

NBA Enters the Game

Days later, the NBA announced that MGM would be its official gaming partner. This is a huge deal for the sports betting market, as the NBA has never worked with a gaming operator before and MGM has never partnered with a major sports league. Together, they will generate increasing interest in sports betting across the country.

MGM will feature NBA branding on its land-based and online sports betting products. For example, odds boards at MGM casinos will feature logos from NBA teams as well as the league itself. Another important part of the partnership will see the two companies working together to protect the integrity of sports. They will develop data sharing systems that will allow them to ensure that players are able to stay safe while engaging in sports betting activities.

This is a very exciting time for gaming in America. The online sports betting market is developing very quickly with many states jumping on board the trend. Nevada, Mississippi, Delware and New Jersey have already legalized the activity New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and West Virginia have recently passed sports betting bills. With brands like MGM and the NBA promoting the activity, we are sure that many more states will be seriously considering the option of legalizing sports betting.

Grant Mahon

Grant is the self-professed casino madman and reporter that brought this eclectic team of dedicated and talented writers together from around the world to proudly build an humble empire of authentic casino news.